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AM - Seafood House

  • Ningbo (Ningbo Shi)
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Job description

1.Assists to ensure that the Food and Beverage activities are aligned with the respective Corporate Strategy, and that the Hotel Actions have been implemented where appropriate.

2.Assists to prepare and update Departmental Operations Manuals as appropriate.

3.Assists to conduct regular divisional communications meetings and ensure that departmental briefings and meetings are effective and conducted as necessary.

4.Ensures that all employees deliver the brand promise and provide exceptional guest service at all times.

5.Ensures that employees also provide excellent service to internal customers in other departments as appropriate.

6.Handles all guest and internal customer complaints and inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, following through to make sure problems are resolved satisfactorily.

7.Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.

8.Establishes and maintain good customer relationships with customers.

9.Personally and frequently verifies that guests in the Outlet are receiving the best possible service.

10.Spends time in the Outlet (during peak periods) to ensure that the Outlet is managed well by the respective employees and functions to the fullest expectations.

11.Maximises employee productivity through the use of multi-skilling, multi-tasking and flexible scheduling to meet the financial goals of the business as well as the expectations of the guests.

12.Focuses attention on improving productivity levels and the needs to prudently manage utility/payroll costs within acceptable guidelines ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment.

13.Assists to ensure that the outlet is operated in line with maximising profit while delivering on the brand promise.

14.Assists the Outlet Manager to achieve the monthly and annual personal target and the outlet’s revenue.

15.Ensures that all hotel, company and local rules, policies and regulations relating to financial record keeping, money handling and licensing are adhered to, including the timely and accurate reporting of financial information

16.Assists in the inventory management and ongoing maintenance of hotel operating equipment and other assets.

17.Manages costs proactively based on key performance indicators, works with the respective Heads of Department as appropriate.

18.Ensures new technology and equipment are embraced, improving productivity whilst taking work out of the system.

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