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CDO Trusted Source Lead

  • City of London (Greater London)
  • IT development

Job description

Role Title: CDO Trusted Source Lead

Business: Global Banking and Markets

New or Existing Role: New

Grade: GCB3

Role Purpose

· Data Management jobs develop and execute data initiatives to improve the HSBC data environment and maximising the value of data assets. They may be located in a Data Management unit and may have reports who have responsibilities in the areas of data policy, data governance or data integrity.
· The key tasks performed by Data Management jobs will include some or all of the following:
· Ensure data governance in place meets regulatory needs as well as that for HSBC
· Ensure that business intelligence capabilities are developed and maintained to allow HSBC to maximise the benefit of data assets
· Develop, manage and maintain data standards, policies and methodologies
· Ensure data management practices in HSBC help support business decision making

Key Accountabilities

Impact on Business

· The Global Head of Data Usage & Flow directs the development, implementation and delivery of a Trusted Source Framework (TSF). The TSF is a methodology designed to support the capture and maintenance of what applications (containers) acquire and maintain data and information across the GBM application portfolio. A comprehensive and sustainable record of data provenance is required to support growing regulatory requirements, e.g. BCBS239. Also, an increase in demand for authoritative data supporting Big Data use cases, including AI and Machine Learning is driving the need for a full audit trail, detailing where, how and when data is transformed and by who, thus ensuring consistency and full knowledge of the base data being used to avoid bias and demonstrated ethical use of data.
· The Data Usage & Flow governance model combined with the Information Asset Registry is designed in partnership with CCO, Reg Compliance, Legal Data Privacy and Information Security Risk, and provides the centralised metadata architecture supporting the CDO and is a critical dependency on GBM delivering its Big Data Strategy.
· The Information Asset Registry is essential component of an evolving and optimized data management practice, providing a register of controls to enforce compliant data usage; as such, it is a risk management necessity for the GBM CDO.
· The Global Head of Data Usage & Flow works in partnership with the Global Data Control Owners and System Owners to certify sources of data and map data transformations as the data traverses the application landscape. Transparency and auditability of data provenance is the primary objective and requires methods, techniques and tooling to be developed in conjunction with the solution development community to ensure timely update of related meta-data artefacts representing the TSF collateral.
· The establishment of a TSF Roadmap articulating the mid to long term objectives and deliverables of the pillar, with required budgetary and resources is essential to operation of this pillar. Successful operation of the pillar relies on establishing clear working methods and development of training materials for System Owners, GCDOs and IT Solution Delivery resources as the producers of TSF metadata descriptions. A clear communication plan to raise awareness of the TSF content and it importance is also necessary to promote adoption and use of high quality and trusted data.
· The on-going ability of Data Science teams to create innovative business insight and value is predicated on the ability to use data free to support decision making and to effect change across GBM. The premise on which data is shared and used, irrespective of controlling jurisdiction, is based on the core principles of privacy by design and default, data minimisation, legitimate purposes, limitations on storage, accuracy and integrity. The Data Usage & Flow pillar provides the foundational metadata that is needed to demonstrate compliance with these principles, without which there is increasing risk and complexity in the data landscape.
· In addition to supporting innovative data insight, the pillar enables;
· Increased confidence in data due to clear provenance and context
· Enables broader spectrum of data quality indicators
· Increases the usability of data and information through Privacy-Enhancement Techniques to data that has been mapped
· Protects data through the ability to apply data access decisionining and enforcement driven by metadata

Customers / Stakeholders

· Reporting to the GBM Chief Data Officer, the Global Head of Data Usage & Flow will also have a matrix of immediate stakeholders including;
· CDO organization & pillar leads
· GBM IT Architecture organization incl Data Architecture
· Group Data Services and Group Enterprise Architecture
· A key part of this role is driving a cohesive stakeholder engagement program that ensures the solutions designed are both innovative, compliant with FIMs, but also in line with group strategy, security policies and architectural design principles being articulated at the Group Enterprise Architecture Level.

Leadership & Teamwork

· Has a broad understanding of business operations and deep understanding of both data and information assurance and management and the application of the Data Management Frameworks.
· Highly complex work activities covering technical, financial and quality are required to support strategic risk, operational and commercial programmes.
· Directly contributes to the implementation of data and information assurance policy and strategy and applies a wide range of technical and/or management principles to support compliant data processing across Big Data and operational programmes.
· Demonstrates clear leadership. Communicates effectively at all levels to both technical and non-technical audiences.
· Understands the implications of new technologies, the application and relevance of reference architectures to effect strategic change. Understands and communicates industry developments, and the role and impact of technology in the Cloud. Absorbs complex information.
· Promotes compliance with relevant legislation and the need for services, products and working practices to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities.
· Takes the initiative to keep both own and colleagues' skills up to date.
· Manages and mitigates risk.

Operational Effectiveness & Control

Delivery of GBM wide data sharing approvals and underlying policy management for all GBM use cases to drive an intelligent data security and access control solution for the GBM Big Data Stack driven through policy translation and management to create enforceable data entitlements and consistent application of data privacy protection (DPP) to sensitive data.

· Advise and support the continuous data preparation processes for Big Data Analytics
· Reduce the cycle time for identification and resolution of data quality issues within the analytics process and expedite remediation and therefore improve the timeliness of decision making
· Enhance management of and avoidance of data loss prevention through greater visibility of data content, making compliance easier and more cost effective
· Support security of data through greater understanding of “container” content and its data provenance allowing more accurate security classification of data and appropriate safeguards are used for protection
· Establish and/or enforce in conjunction with IT Architecture, the use of both business and technical metadata to document and enable data lineage and data sharing
· Collect and integrate into Data Linage the designations of the system of origin (trusted source) & maintenance, and Authorised Distributor of Data Elements (DEs) and Critical Data Elements (CDEs)

Role Dimensions

· CTB program of implementing a new, intelligent data security solution on the GBM Big Data Stack.
· RTB governance of policy management against data source ingestion.

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :

·  A minimum of five years in Data Architecture, Data Security or Information Security. A minimum of three years exposure to data or information security in financial services.
·  Significant exposure to leading FinTech solutions in Data Security. Supplemented by key understanding of BCBS, GDPR and other primary data regulation.

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This role has been designated as an Enhanced Vetting Role.

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