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EHS Leader

  • Yokohama, JAPAN
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

Job Description Summary

GE Vernovaの修理工場のEHSリーダーとして、工場内及び海外チームと協力連携しながら、日本の国内法規及びGE規定に準拠しながら、グローバルのEHSチームと連携をとりながら、EHSに関連する活動をし、より安全でより快適な職場環境づくりを推進する。
As the EHS leader at the GE Vernova repair shop, in cooperation with the team in the shop and overseas, in compliance with Japanese laws and regulations, and in cooperation with the global GE rules/Standards and EHS team, will carry out activities related to EHS and promote the creation of a safer and more comfortable working environment.

Job Description





•            Develop, understand and maintain the EHS project plan. Provide support to communicate and manage all sections of the plan.

•            Responsible for safety administration, risk management, EHS training, medical and security related issues that may impact personnel or overall site safety.

•            Investigate incidents or near miss events as necessary or required, including compilation and completion of any necessary documentation (Accident investigation or Near miss forms, Gensuite measurements submissions, etc.).

•            Analyze root causes to determine safety measures to prevent future incidents and influence the implementation of corrective actions

Required Qualifications

  • 英文読み書き及びコミュニケーションに支障がないこと(TOEIC700点以上目安)。
  • 工場でのEHS実施の実務経験2年以上。
  • 以前の経験一般的な業界環境
  • Microsoft Word、Microsoft Teams、Excel、Outlook、Power Pointに精通
  • 対人関係および人事管理スキルの実証
  • 規制コンプライアンスおよびすべての日本機関の要件に関する実務知識
  • Ability to communicate/read/write in English (TOEIC 700pts or above).
  • A minimum of 2 years’ work experience in EHS execution at factory.
  • Previous experience general industry environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Outlook, Power Point.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal relations and personnel management skills
  • Working knowledge in regulatory compliance, as well as all Japanese(local)agencies and Authorities requirements

Desired Characteristics:

  • グローバルで重要インフラの一つである発電に貢献することに興味のある方
  • 円滑なコミュニケーションを図り、周りと積極的に協力しながら物事を進めていける方。
  • 困難な状況に立ち向かい、問題解決のために自ら行動できる方。
  • グローバルな環境に身を置き、性別や年齢に関係なくプロジェクトをリードするスキルを身に着けたい方。
  • チーム環境にポジティブな変化を生み出す能力。
  • 直接の監督なしでの強力な問題解決と意思決定のスキル。
  • 強力な測定、テスト、トラブルシューティング、エラー分析のスキル。
  • 強力な口頭および書面によるコミュニケーションスキル。
  • グローバルなビジネス環境に身を置くことで、年齢や性別に関係なく自らの能力を発揮したい方。

* 工場内のポジションだけでなく、GE Vernova社内の様々なポジションが、将来のキャリアの機会です。

  • Interested in contributing to power generation, one of the most important infrastructures in the world.
  • Ability to carry out things while maintaining smooth communication and actively cooperating with others.
  • Ability to confront difficult situations and take action on their own to solve problems.
  • Interested in learning the skills to lead projects regardless of gender or age in a global environment.
  • Ability to create positive change in a team environment.
  • Strong problem solving and decision-making skills without direct supervision.
  • Strong measuring, testing, troubleshooting and error analyzing skills.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Person who wish to earn project lead skills irrespective of age or gender by putting yourself into global business environment.

* A variety of positions within GE Vernova as well as positions within the factory are opportunities for future careers.

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