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Radio Host Internship

  • Wymeswold (Leicestershire)
  • Journalisme / RP

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Description de l'offre

Job Description
What is the media industry but the opportunity to be creative? That is one of the fundamental principles we hold to in our company. Yes, we look for talented people, and we do have to set benchmarks. However, we hope to co-develop our on air hosts (we like to think of them as partners) in win-win relationships.

What are your limitations? Only the ones you set.

General Description
It general what we are looking for are radio hosts with a pleasant speaking voice, that are approachable, entertaining, can be reasonably flexible (you’re responsible for y/our programme), and with a grounded knowledge of your music genre. Most of our radio hosts will be focusing on one particular type of music genre or artistic style that reflects the affinities of y/our listening audience. With only very few limitations you’ll select music to broadcast and prepare your program. You’ll also provide news update briefs, traffic reports, and weather conditions for our listeners. When the opportunity arises you’ll also interview personalities from the entertainment world.

You will be responsible for maintaining a presence on social media networking sites as a way of promoting y/our station(s) programming and engaging with audiences through listener feedback, audience requests, dedications, and program contests. We will need your DJ/Radio Host profile and promotional image for our website (we hope you’ll have your own site as well). As the AMG progresses you’ll have the opportunity conduct interviews, make personal appearances at concerts, and other promotional events.
You’ll need to be familiar with computerized sound equipment / software for internet based broadcasting.

The Responsibilities of the Position
Pre-broadcast Preparation:
• researching artists and bands for background information to be woven into y/our programme;
• Pre-On-Air preparation including having a playlist ready, as well as comments regarding the songs and bands. Rehearsing as needed;
• Writing, and sometimes memorising, scripts for more advanced artist/band info – great for artist BDays and band milestones or upcoming events;
• Liaising with other members of the production or technical team.

On-Air Activities:
• introduce and host programmes;
• queue up and play music, jingles, and adverts.
• discuss music
• interview guests in the studio, by telephone or on location;
• Interact with y/our audience during live broadcasts;
• read news intros, traffic, sport or weather reports between songs;
• provide links between programmes;
• read from a script, autocue, or improvising;
• keep the programme running to schedule, responding positively and quickly to problems or changes and improvising where necessary;

After the broadcast, presenters are welcome to and may correspond with the production crew to review or critique the broadcast and to plan for the next.

Profil recherché

Pursuing a certificate in the media arts or journalism.

Experience with media arts software.

A passion for music and entertaining.

An approachable warm personality.

Not afraid to take chances and learn by your mistakes.