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Community and Influencer Engagement Manager

  • London (Greater London)

Description de l'offre

What does the company do?

Fika Community is an emotional wellness startup based in London’s Shoreditch area.

We believe everyone should have someone to talk to. We’re on a mission to mainstream the healthy habit of talking out what’s on our mind, globally. Through our core product offering, the Fika app, which we are aiming to launch into the UK market in Summer 2018.

We are building a new kind of paid for peer-to-peer emotional fitness service for the 2 in every 3 people in the U.K. who feel like they don’t have anyone they can talk to about what’s on their mind.

Fika is a safe anonymous new place for talking out whatever is on your mind to someone who will listen. Without judgement, consequences or advice.

Fika is not a professional counselling service. It’s a new everyday, peer-to-peer listening service. It’s aimed at everyday emotional wellness. Our aim is to be the equivalent of a gym membership for your emotional health. It’s as important to practice healthy everyday emotional habits as it is everyday physical fitness.

Fika has had an initial round of PoC funding and is backed by some serious investors. This is the opportunity to join a company right at the very start of it’s journey and help towards securing our next round of funding.

How you can expect to spend your day:

Fika is run by a small and close-knit team of people who are all experts in their respective fields. Our founders have spent a combined 35+ years running marketing, design, brand and service design / UX businesses. They have experience building brands and products for some of the world’s largest businesses and you’ll be working daily with them based out of our Hanbury Street space.

This is isn’t an internship where you’ll be treated any differently to the co-founders, at Fika we believe in equality and respect aptitude and aptitude more than years of experience.

Central to Fika’s business model is our community. A community of regular like minded people who make Fika possible by making the time to listen to others. The objective of this role is to grow that community and keep that community engaged, and to work with influencers to create awareness of Fika, leading to people signing up and download the app.

You will have a significant amount of autonomy in your role in order to achieve the objective but we would expect you to undertake the following activities:
-Researching, finding contacting and engaging potential influencers for Fika (YouTube/Instagram/Bloggers etc.) then working with them to use their respective networks and influence to drive people to download and try the new Fika app.
-Maintaining and managing the Fika Listener Community (Discourse forum), creating content and stimulating new discussions, answering questions etc.
-Responding to queries via the forum and our support and help email addresses. In summary the role is to spread the awareness of Fika through influencers and keep users engaged in the community.

Profil recherché

The ideal intern’s personality and qualifications:

-A down to earth, sociable and genuine approach, to fit in a startup culture
-Willingness to get stuck in, positive and a self-starter. Willing to think creatively, laterally and problem solve on-the-go.
-A genuine passion for the emotional wellness space
-Needless to say this role will suit someone who is comfortable picking up the phone and talking to strangers, you must be confident, outgoing and passionate.
-An existing social media presence, in some way an ‘influencer’ yourself - instagram following, youtube channel, blog etc.
-A high standard of literacy and writing skills are essential as content creation will be a key element to this role
-Digitally proficient, social media, google docs/slides/sheets
-Experience with any design packages would be beneficial but not essential