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Offers “Dxc Technology”

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Advisor Solution Architect

  • Architecture / Town planning

Job description

· Job Description:

We are looking for a Advisor Network Engineer/Solution Architect to contribute to: WAN improvements, RSA and network refresh, Routers, cabling upgrades, testing of upgrades. The main function of this role is to design and document network solutions in line with the business strategy and best industry practices. You will design, build, test and deploy or design and advise the delivery of each solution to its conclusion.

Essential Job Functions

· Coordinates routine aspects of solution development and architecture and management processes. Interfaces with business developers, account managers, competency managers, and executive management on routine aspects of solution development to increase company productivity and profits.
· Oversees use of strategic solutions and offerings by the business development community. Participates in solution selling activities to ensure that marketing plans align with sales and launch plans.
· Assists management in researching existing business environment including trends, best practices and company preferred architectural frameworks and alliances to ensure that company services match business trends.
· Facilitates reduced risks to client and company; participates in solution business plan creation; assists in preparing financial models to ensure that client interests are met and potential business opportunities are established. Assists and supports client activities to eliminate gaps or inconsistencies in the initial solution, architectural design, deliverables, benefits and messaging.
· Interfaces and participates in business development discussions across cross-functional teams and internal and external executive managements to ensure consistency in solution development and implementation.
· Identifies business requirements; evaluates concepts such as market timing, compelling event and problem identification to ensure that delivered solutions meet both short and long term company and client business performance expectations.

Experienced Advisor Network Engineer with 10+ year proven experience in the following technologies: -

· Cisco
· Juniper
· Bluecoat
· F5
· Thales
· Palo Alto / panorama – mandatory requirement for experience
· Legacy Voice Systems

And the following network tools and Systems:

· Putty
· SolarWinds (Whatsup Gold)
· Netflow analyser
· eHealth
· Vital QIP (DNS)
· External DNS
· Big IP F5’s (Load Balancers)
· TACACS (Router and Switches)
· Bluecoat (Proxy)

Basic Qualifications

· Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
· Bachelor's degree in business administration, computer science, information technology or related field preferred
· Nine or more years of business solutions experience
· Experience working with company products and services, business processes and re-engineering
· Experience working with business environment, business industry and competitor products and services
· Experience working with appropriate programming languages, operating systems, product-line hardware and software
· Experience working with office productivity tools; delivery assurance and/or industry standards on deliverables
· Experience working with administrative and/or workflow systems

Work Environment

· Office environment

Note: This job description describes the general nature of the duties and requirements of the job.It is not intended to be an exhaustive list or to limit the scope of any potential assignments or client engagement.

DXC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all employees.