Expires soon Compagnie de Saint-Gobain


  • V.I.E.
  • Malvern (Worcestershire)
  • December 1, 2018
  • Master, Titre d'ingénieur, Bac +5
  • IT development

Job description

At Saint-Gobain we design, manufacture and distribute materials which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. Join our innovative, passionate and entrepreneurial community to improve the world of tomorrow with us.
The Construction Products Sector offers indoor and outdoor building solutions to improve the quality of living: plaster products, acoustic and thermal insulation, facade cladding, roofing, and pipes. It is present in 62 countries with more than 46,000 employees.
Poste et missions:
We are looking for a Business Strategy Analyst to focus on building a sustainable new product development pipeline. The Analyst’s role will be to identify needs of the business and offer perspective about the future of the organization given its value proposition, resources, and place among competitors. The Analyst will explore product and business development opportunities, evaluate past and present facts, predict future product trends and deliver targeted proposals on the right next steps. The Analyst will also articulate possible alternatives for a way forward and assist the business platform teams with developing business cases offering recommendations as part of strategy.
Keys to success in this role will be:
1.Understanding the businesses to support identification of alternative strategies.
2.Investigate products and opportunities that require a clear strategy.
3.Ensuring that recommended changes are in line with the business strategy.
Job Responsibilities:
- Conduct research on market insights, business opportunities, industry trends, competing organizations, customer demographics, new technologies, etc.
- Perform business analysis and reporting for assigned projects.
- Build positive and trustful working relationships with stakeholders throughout the organization.
- Maintain clear and complete knowledge on business operations and procedures.
- Track and record metrics, data and statistics, detailed notes of work for the company’s long-term use.
- Work with management to identify business needs, challenges and opportunities.
- Determine business roadmap and provide support in future business planning.
- Analyze business needs and develop strategies to meet these needs.
- Develop action plans to overcome business challenges.
- Recommend new technologies, new materials and product improvements based on market and competitive trends.
- Identify and develop new business opportunities for company growth.
The Analyst needs to be goal oriented, highly motivated and thrive off of constant analysis and improvement. The person must have the ability to effortlessly switch between evaluating the company as a whole and evaluating small and detailed pieces of data. In addition to these general traits and abilities, we are looking for a person with the following skills:
- Attention to Detail
- Multitasking
- Interpersonal and Communication Skills
- Problem Solving
- Quantitative analysis
- Ability to Work Independently
As such, the capacity to work with numbers and an interest in using data to answer questions is crucial. The person should be skilled in practicing various research methodologies and able to balance the information gathering and human resources aspects of strategic business analysis. The role also requires powerful motivational and communication skills in order to successfully interact with a variety of project stakeholders who may have competing interests. Due to the term limit, the person must be able to quickly size up a business and develop a rapport with others.
Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools is also appreciated.
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