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Offers “Civiweb”

39 days ago Civiweb


  • Internship
  • Montréal ( Montréal )

Job description

du01 juin 2020au01 juin 2022(pour24mois)
REMUNERATION MENSUELLE :1982€ (indemnité non contractuelle fixée par décret et arrêté, dont le montant peut varier notamment en
fonction de l’évolution du barème de référence, de la localisation de la mission et des cas d’abattements prévus par les textes)


GTS/IAS/DVF is a department which oversees development topics for all other GTS/IAS departments. All API provided by IAS are developed and maintained by people belonging to GTS/IAS/DVF. This team is fully related to the GTS 2020 objective (from OPS to DEV/OPS).

Poste et missions:

The role of the VIE will be to help the Head and the COO of GLBA/FIG build the Management Information System (MIS) required to support all the missions of the department, using existing Data sources and systems available and developing the tools required to address a number of regulatory and business needs.

Use technical expertise (coding, database management), personal experience of similar projects and potentially knowledge of SocGen’s main databases and IT environment (BDR clients base, SG Markets tools, RIskWeb, etc.) to develop customized solutions for GLBA/FIG

Formalize business requirements in a format understandable by IT analysts

Participate to the management of IT projects addressing the needs of GLBA/FIG


The VIE assignment in a nutshell

This VIE in Montreal is to begin in June 2020 but you need to plan 3 months between your application date and the beginning of your VIE assignment. It will last 24 months.

The VIE is a specific contract, under Business France’s eligibility criteria, opened to candidates under 28 and from the member states of the European Economic Space. For further information, please see http://www.civiweb.com/.

Graduate from Engineering school, Business School or University with a master degree in Computer Science.
You are fluent in French and have a good level of English.
You are proficient in Microsoft Office.
You ideally have a previous experience in Front-End.

Specific competencies :

You have knowledge in Python or knowledge of another language (VBA/Java/C#/JavaScript).
Databases & Advanced SQL.
Business Intelligence Tools including Microsoft Power BI and Tableau (analysis, transformation and visualization of data).
UX / UI for the creation of Dashboards.
Strong Analytical Skills, problem-solving minded.

To facilitate the examination of your application by our English-speaking managers, we thank you for applying in English.

All our positions are open to people with disabilities.