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FBP City Manager

  • Ningbo (Ningbo Shi)
  • Sales

Job description

Vision: The ultimate house of luxury defining style and creating desire now and forever.

What you can bring to the team:


The City Manager is responsible to assist Regional Sales Manager to plan and implement retail projects that support our strategy in retail excellence and achieve our retail leadership in the market.

The City Manager shall spearhead all effort and resource to create Chanel Difference and constantly inspire and elevate the professionalism of the boutique/counter management and their team to be “best in class”.

Uphold the image of the brand (VM Merchandising + Maintenance +Grooming)

·  Partner proactively and closely with VM team to ensure that window and in-counter displays consistently reflect the Chanel image.
·  Convey company expectation on VM to Counter Management and teams to ensure that the POS environment is in optimum condition from cleanliness to maintenance of furniture, fixtures, etc.
·  Negotiate with department stores to activate additional brand visibility programs outside of POS (department store banners, show windows, transparencies) enhancing the image of the brand.
·  Proactively feedback and propose better solution on grooming with training team.  Report related information to Regional Sales Manager and work with legal to solve the issues and retain brand image within the area. 

Leadership and Management

·  Foster a culture of excellence in covered POS: ensure team members are engaged, motivated and performing their duties in accordance with the Chanel vision and mission.
·  Deliver timely coaching and recognition as well as proper delegation according to are performance and individual capability.
·  Work closely with HR in making hiring decisions and proactively help to find and retain talent, recommend external retail training curriculum if necessary.
·  Be a role model for responsible POS by proactively leading by example.
·  Drive learning culture via sharing of best practices for retail team on how we continue to outperform market and to maintain retail leadership.

Deliver Excellent Service

·  Work with training team to identify opportunities on customer service within coverage.
·  Work with CRM team and find out sales opportunities from customer resources.
·  Get learning from customer complaint cases and set related rules on handling process for future cases.

Sale s and KPI management:

·  Support RSM to allocate sales target assigned to responsible POS by setting a challenging goal according to sales performance and market trend to achieve better result. 
·  Analyzes sales trend in POS and take appropriate actions if needs.
·  Analyze CRM performance in each POS within coverage and work out action plan accordingly.
·  Support RSM on a regular communication with CRM team to find out further opportunities to build up stronger relationship with customers within coverage.                 
·  Propose, apply and adjust annual animation plan base to business needs.
·  Work closely with retail marketing team on animation plan to improve the efficiency.  
·  Manage staff schedules, including day-to-day operational zoning to ensure floor coverage and optimal client service.                     
·  Constantly seek opportunities to improve the productivity of responsible POS.
·  Provide constant feedback and reporting to RSM in order to influence strategies and recommendations.

Inventory Management

·  Convey company expectation and policy to the team and ensure safety stock on counter and check the completion of the weekly and monthly stocktaking.
·  Monitor CCs and BAs to double check all the relevant inventory execution and has direct responsibility.

Operations Management

·  Work closely with SDVM on new or renovated counter projects, propose the best category zoning arrangement and design layout based on the local market requirement.
·  Ensure all operational procedures regarding sales, returns, transfers, stock adjustments and all policies are followed.
·  Work closely with other functional team to ensure the retail operation is smooth.
·  Maintain awareness of market trends in the luxury cosmetics retail industry, monitor competitor actions and feedback related information with personal market insight to company.
·  Collaborate with cross functional department to find out improvement area as well drive sales.
·  Maintain relationship with trade partners, ensuring we have best advantage for our business.

Market Intelligence

·  Maintain awareness of market trends in the luxury cosmetics retail industry, monitor competitor actions and feedback related information with personal market insight to company.
·  Keep eyes on gray market trends during daily POS visit.                                                
·  Pay attention on DS development plan in local market and take the initiative to work with RSM and BD to make the effective result in responsible area.

Make every future a success.
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