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Java/Kotlin Developer

  • Prague (Hlavní město Praha)
  • IT development

Job description

Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for customers and clients worldwide. Please visit our website here for more information.

Who do we work for
Our team works for Investment Banking Traders trading with a special financial instruments – Convertible Bonds. They are located at the Trading Floors in Barclays London and New York offices. We talk directly to them to get the requirements and feedback and helping them with ad-hoc queries.

Who we are
We are a small global development team distributed among New York, London and Prague offices. There are about 3 developers in each location and 2 QA engineers in the Prague office. There are great developers in the team always willing to share their knowledge and experience in the latest technologies like Stream, Reactive Extensions, Functional programming or User Interface development.

What do we do
We are looking after a large Trading platform. We are developing new features, refactoring legacy pieces, providing assistance to support team. We help our users with ad-hoc queries. We release the new version of the system every month.

Technologies that we use
· Java 8 on backend (Spring, standalone services, TIBCO/Solace messaging
· Oracle (PL/SQL)
· Frontend in .NET (WPF, WinForms), Adobe Flex, HTML5 with KotlinJS
· Oracle Coherence for distributed caching and fast-ticking data
· Tools: Git as VSC Maven, JIRA, TeamCity, Nexus, Nolio, Autosys
We haven't got stuck in 90'

· We have adopted solutions like:
· One click deployment via TeamCity (Nolio)
· Code Reviews via Bit Bucket (Git)
· Scrum development methodology
· Java 8 – Reactive Extensions
· Continuous Integration via Team City
· And Kotlin – modern language that compiles to Java and JavaScript.

Challenges ahead of us

Competitive market pushes for faster Time-to-Market deliveries. We will need to adjust for quicker deployments, faster introduction of new features and refactoring legacy part of the systems.

We have roll-out a prototype of a new frontend web solution based on a Kotlin language. Applications in this solution are covered using fully automated tests written using Selenium. In future this new frontend solution should replace some of our Frontend technologies.

We will need to get ready for a cloud.

What will you do
· Primarily Java & Oracle (PL/SQL) development – introduction of new features, adjustment and refactoring of existing systems
· If interested then the development of a new frontend solution in Kotlin (HTML/JS/CSS)
· If interested then the development of a .NET frontend applications
· Participation in supporting of production support team
· Work directly with users (email, phone, chat communication)
· Support QA team
· Work with the IDE of your choice (Intellij Idea or Eclipse)

What do we expect of you
· You own your work from requirements through development on to delivery
· You likes to have varied work that mixes coding, communication with other teams, owning small projects/deliveries, getting things done
· Has background in programming core Java
· Has good communication skills
· You are willing to learn related business knowledge.
· That you bring new ideas and experience to share with the team
· Experience with frontend development is nice to have but not must

Risk and Control Objective

Ensure that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Enterprise Wide Risk Management Framework and internal Barclays Policies and Policy Standards

We are an equal opportunity employer and we are opposed to discrimination on any grounds .

Make every future a success.
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