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Product Analyst - eero

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Job description


As a Product Analyst on eero’s Software Services team, you will drive our business, product, and outsized customer impact through data-informed decision-making. Your mandate: be the voice of the customer — both end customer and ISP partners — and work with our product team to build products that drive engagement, a better customer experience, and grow our subscription attachment product.

You will study how our ISP partners and end-customers use wireless technologies in their homes and work with our product team to craft features that elevate the experience of interacting with them. Some days you will set strategic goals for the company. On others, you will be digging into data to drive product features for our customers. You love both quantitative and qualitative and are open to meeting with our ISP partners and customers to collect data. You love digging into details and ensuring your data set is clean. The role is an opportunity to extend eero’s data-informed culture.

What you’ll do:
· Empathize with the customer. What do our customers feel? Identify customer pain points through data and research and inform the product we deliver.
· Research and test. Send our customers surveys and review feature usage data to get to know our customers and how they use our product. Coordinate with the product team to run tests that will improve our understanding of our customer base.
· Build a data-informed culture. Influence growth and new initiatives by presenting product and customer insights to product management, cross-functional, and executive teams.
· Identify “input” (KPI) metrics. Figure out which engagement metrics drive attachment to our subscription product and why our ISP partners constantly use our remote network management product.
· Measure. You are in charge of defining success metrics with Product and Data Engineering. Your goal is to work with product to drive initiatives that will allow us to hit our business goals.
· Optimize. Use data and customer research to influence and support our growth and engagement strategies. Iterate after we launch each new feature into the wild.
· Report on “output” metrics. Put together metrics for Amazon’s Weekly and Monthly Reviews. What is our attachment rate? How many subscribers do we have? What changed in the past month? Why did it change?
· Collaborate. Partner with Product Managers to set success metrics, and hit our business targets, collaborate with Data Engineering to optimize data accuracy and structure and set process for how Product Analytics should function within eero.

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