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3p SaaS Security Engineer

  • Seattle ( King )
  • Infra / Networks / Telecom

Job description


You have hundreds of thousands of hosts, hundreds of millions of lines of code, billions of online transactions, and one of the most visited sites on the Internet. And that's the easy half your job. Now help Amazon teams securely integrate all of the above with third party cloud services.

At Amazon, we obsess over our customers, and ensuring our customers' trust is our first priority. To earn that trust in an online world where threats grow ever more sophisticated requires building a world-class security team to tackle never-before-seen challenges at dizzying scales. You will not just be using cutting-edge technologies here in Amazon; you will be inventing them.

Amazon.com is looking for experienced Security Engineers to ensure that Amazon's use of external infrastructure is designed and implemented to the high standards required to maintain and enhance customer trust. You will participate in the design, build and deployment of security-focused infrastructure as well as provide consultation, architectural review, risk analysis, vulnerability testing and security reviews of many elements of Amazon's systems.

Ideal candidate profile


Key tasks include:
• Developing documentation and standards for Amazons use of 3rd party cloud systems.
• Conducting security audits, vulnerability assessments and product selection of 3rd party cloud services.
• Designing services and tools for monitoring and securing third party infrastructure, and integrating with Amazon's security and Infrastructure.
• Providing consulting to Amazon developers and business teams working on 3p integrations.
• Advising Amazon's vendors and third party partners in how to use AWS services and secure engineering to meet Amazon's vendor requirements.
• Designing and operating scalable tools to monitor Amazon's use of external systems.