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2020 Machine Learning Internship

  • Barcelona, SPAIN

Job description


We are looking for Master's and PhD students to join the Amazon Search Science and AI team in Barcelona for a 3-6 month internship in 2020.
· Are you excited about developing state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Information Retrieval algorithms using large data sets to solve real world problems?
· Do you have proven analytical capabilities and can multi-task to thrive in a fast-paced environment?
· Do you want to build a foundation for your career during your Master's or Ph.D program at an industry-leading company?

You enjoy the prospect of solving real-world problems that, quite frankly, have not been solved at scale anywhere before. Along the way, you'll get opportunities to be a fearless disruptor, prolific innovator, and a reputed problem solver—someone who truly leverages machine learning to create significant impact.

Our team develops innovative machine learning-based solutions for hard business and scientific problems in Search Relevance and ranking. We focus on research in Information Retrieval as well as ML modeling and programming. You will work with the largest online retail search application in the world, both in terms of users, catalogue size, and computing resources, and your work will directly impact millions of our customers. You will work alongside internationally recognized experts in science and engineering to develop novel algorithms and modeling techniques to advance the state-of-the-art in search. You will work with scientists and engineers in the Barcelona Search Science and AI group, and can collaborate with experts from other Amazon groups worldwide (AWS, Alexa, Music and others) as well as top researchers in academia.

As part of the internship you will be a full member of one of our teams working with other scientists and software development engineers on completing a self-contained internship project. Specific challenges will be dealing with very large heterogenous datasets, designing novel algorithms that are robust and reliable, and efficient implementations that can run in production. Some internship projects also include the goal of publishing findings.

Ideal candidate profile


· Currently enrolled in a graduate degree program, either MS or Ph.D. (preferred), in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, or related field with specialization in machine learning or related fields.
· On-track for graduate or postgraduate degree in Machine Learning, Data Science, Applied Statistics or in a related field.
· Hands-on experience in one or more of the following areas: search experimentation, evaluation, A/B testing, statistical data analysis, very large scale ML, very large scale data processing, statistical machine learning, data processing & data analytics, or application-specific expertise in Search and Information Retrieval.
· Enthusiasm for applying machine learning to real-world problems.
· Computer science grounding in a range of algorithms, data structures, and programming languages; experience in Python is a plus.
· Ability to present your beliefs clearly and compellingly in both verbal and written form.