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10459509 - PhD - Prediction of flow physics on a boundary layer ingestion

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Job description

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Job Description

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Description of the job :
Boundary Layer Ingestion (BLI) for Turbofan engines is currently being studied in the Aerodynamics community so as to enhance commercial aircraft energetic efficiency.

One of the challenges is to demonstrate that its theoretical benefits are kept at first order whilst meeting the various multidisciplinary requirements in an integrated design. The inlet, as the main physical, aerodynamic and acoustic interface, plays a key role in this integration.

Now, in a BLI engine, the inlet behaviour is deeply modified with regards to a classical engine installation where an engine pylon prevents the inlet from ingesting the boundary layer from the airframe.

Task & accountabilities :
After a thorough bibliographic study, the PhD will aim at understanding the aerodynamic phenomena at play in a BLI configuration, for various aircraft flight conditions. Comparing experimental and numerical data will provide guidance in the design of such an inlet, in particular focusing on the distortion levels induced by this configuration.
Finally, the PhD results will enable to think of flow control devices in order to maximise the BLI benefit whilst dealing with all the design constraints, in particular related to the inlet behaviour away from the cruise conditions and to the engine physical integration onto the aircraft.

The 3 main activities will be:

i- Bibliographic study

ii- Numerical exploration

iii- Experimental follow-up and analysis

This thesis offers a technical challenge in terms of understanding and innovations that must be industrialized.

Required skills :
We are looking for a motivated candidate with practical experience in aerodynamics engineering or a proven interest in:

- Flight physics

- Good knowledge of CAD CFD, Data Analysis tools

To be able to carry out this thesis it is essential to have an advanced level and the following qualities:

- In English and in French
- Project coordination
- Communication
- Analysis and synthesis
- Innovation

This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company’s success, reputation and sustainable growth.

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