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Job description

Job Description

·  Ensures all calls from guests and external calls are handled in a timely manner (answered within 3 rings) and professionally with Pullman & Novotel’s policies and procedures as a key factor.
·  Build rapport as first point of contact with Guests and provide personalized service

Operational Processes

·  Answer all incoming calls.
·   Records and channels guest request to appropriate departments using HotSOS
·   Performs follow‐up calls to guests concerned to ensure service facility defect has been rectified to satisfaction.
·   Makes operator assisted calls
·  Records guest’s messages
·  Ensures correct transmission and receipt of facsimile.
·  Accurately records all requests for wake‐up calls and ensures they are handled correctly.
·  Accurately posts the charges for operator assisted and collect calls.
·  Knows the hotel and all its facilities, the department and section heads, the responsibilities of each department, the office extension numbers and its respective operation hours.
·  Knows the functions and in operating the fax machines.
·  Checks the log printers at regular intervals to ensure that the interface system is in working order.
·  Checks “Interface Lost Posting” dummy folio in PMS on an hourly basis to ensure there are no postings that are not posted to a guest folio.
·  Ensures that the console is always in good working order and the work area is neat and clean at all times.
·  Knows how to handle the telephone, radio / music and video equipment.
·  Knows all the Emergency Procedures of the hotel and how to handle them.


·  Follow up on traces for the department in Opera PMS
·  Have Forms & Formats printed and ready to ensure efficiency in daily tasks

Safety & Security  

·  Ensures the highest level of safety and security by complying with training programs that deliver a high degree of awareness amongst team.
·  Has knowledge of Emergency Procedures and is aware of roles in an Emergency.

Environmental Responsibility – Planet 21

·     Follow the environmental initiatives of Accor.
·     Acclimates with Accor’s environmental charter initiatives into daily practices

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