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Commis Chef

  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

Key tasks

Overview of duties
 Contributes to guest satisfaction by:
 preparing 'hot' and/or 'cold' dishes in line with the supervisor's instructions,
 helping deliver the dishes,
 respecting the food health and safety standards and procedures,
 participating in managing raw materials effectively,

Main Responsibilities
Professional techniques / Production
 Creates and presents the dishes in line with cooking instructions and the supervisor's instructions,
 Adapts work to fluctuations in volume of guests, to special events and particular guests,
 Helps receive deliveries and tidies food items according to storage guidelines,
 Is responsible for the high standard of the dishes prepared,
 Helps keep equipment used in good condition,
 Cleans and tidies the workplace following the supervisor's instructions,

Management and administration
 Follows the cooking instructions and preparation processes to the letter,
 Avoids wasting food items,
 Helps with inventories,
 Helps manage stocks of equipment by avoiding breakages,

Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
 Ensures that the workplace remains clean and the safety of consumable goods by always respecting HACCP regulations,
 Respects the instructions and safety guidelines for the equipment used,
 Applies the hotel's security regulations (in case of fire etc),
 Respects the hotel's commitments to the 'Environment Charter' (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc),

Education / Professional experience
 Vocational certificate or diploma in professional cuisine
 Experience that demonstrates well established technical know-how
 Fluent in the national language and English

Skills / Qualities
 Team spirit,
 Sensibility of customer service,
 A thorough and organised approach,
 Concern of the cleanliness and the hygiene,
 Adaptability,
 Leadership,
 Capacity to train and transmit the knowledge,
 Management of the stress

Special Notice
During the course of duty you will have access to certain information which demands the utmost
Confidentiality, discretion must be exercised at all times.
Due to the nature of the industry, flexibility in working hours is essential.
Participation in the Duty Management roster is necessary.
*** This job description is subject to change in accordance with business requirements and may be viewed and updated as necessary.