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URBANE is a mobile app connecting you to top mentors around London and accelerating your abilities to achieve your goals.


The story so far

URBANE is a mobile app designed to connect you with leading professionals and entrepreneurs at the top of their game for mentorship and guidance, and to accelerate your ability to achieve your goals like never before.

The importance of having a mentor is indisputable. Whether you are a student about to embark into the world of work, an entrepreneur, a newly qualified trainee, or even an experienced associate or manager; a mentor plays an important part in your career development and growth.

Yet finding the right mentor for you with the right knowledge and experience to help you realise your goals can be a challenge. Unless you are a member of a charity or organisation, or can use your social capital, that is. Even then, there's no guarantee that you and your mentor click, or that the mentoring relationship stays strong and effective.

Our solution? URBANE, a clever mobile app that gives you access to high powered individuals ready to help you succeed.

  • High quality mentors handpicked by us who are committed to maintaining the mentoring relationship and helping you grow;
  • A unique goal-oriented system so that you never lose that stellar focus;
  • A safe and trustworthy environment featuring only mentors pre-screened by us and a swift feedback system on mentors to keep standards high;
  • A highly polished, bug-free app.

URBANE is ready to launch soon. We're offering early access to the app via our launch page, giving you first pick of the initial 500 leading mentors we have lined up! Just register your details here: www.go-urbane.com


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The Team

The Team

We're Teodor and Andrea, the two co-founders of URBANE. This project is very close to our hearts as we have truly experienced the power of mentoring, having had mentors and mentoring others in the past.


Teodor understands the need for mentorship, having benefitted from different mentors at various stages throughout his life. He left Romania at the age of 14 without his family and without any knowledge of English. He arrived in England alone with little financial resources, and managed to catch up with his education and gain a law degree from the University of London in 2010. Along the way, he has learnt a great deal from different mentors who have helped to guide and shape him to become the person he is today. Over the past 7 years Teodor has been involved in different businesses and has learnt many valuable skills. Teodor has a particular strength in networking and sharing a vision, and will be able to attract the right mentors for Urbane. Teodor sees London as his home and looks forward to the day when his business succeeds in order to help other disadvantaged children around the world succeed through the mentorship of others.


Andrea graduated with a law degree from King's College London in 2012 and was subsequently called to the Bar in 2013. She is passionate about inspiring others to reach their full potential. Over the past 10 years she has been heavily involved in various pro bono and mentoring schemes, providing advice and assistance to people of all walks of life, including women and students looking to progress in their education or career. During university, she was in charge of organising successful mentoring and vocational schemes between students and members of the legal profession. Andrea has a particular knack for driving high performance to get things done. With her goal oriented approach, attention to detail and strong project management skills, she will be able to channel resources in a productive and efficient manner to create maximum value to Urbane's users and stakeholders.

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