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Paperclip is a location-based item trading app in development for Android and iOS. You can now swap what you have for what you want!


The story so far


What is Paperclip?

Paperclip is an app that provides users with an innovative platform to trade their unwanted items with those around them or if they feel like a challenge they can see how far they can 'Trade Up'.

Core Features

  • Users simply open the app to immediately begin browsing unwanted items in their area or listing their own unwanted items
  • Once a desired item is found, users may offer the trader one of their items for trade, or negotiate a deal for cash / part-cash exchanges
  • After a trade has been agreed, users may arrange to meet-up or mail their items via the in-built chat
  • Once the exchange has taken place, both traders are able to confirm by rating the trade and leaving feedback

Trade Up

The Origins of Paperclip

The idea of the app is based upon 'One red paperclip' where a guy called Kyle MacDonald managed to trade a paperclip for a house with in 14 trades. We loved this story and wanted to try and do the same but there was no medium to achieve this easily, which is why we came up with Paperclip.

Paperclip was founded in June 2014 after a successful start up weekend at Google Hackathon 2014 in London, where Paperclip came 2nd. A strong team was born out of this weekend which has worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to produce an app we know will be a game changer.

What next for Paperclip?

Paperclip is currently in its beta phase which is due to end in May 2015, which has helped us shape the UX/UI and introduce exciting features which the users wanted. The full launch will be in June 2015 with the app being available on both Android and iOS.

We have some big plans over the next year once we have gone live which involve the addition of some exciting features and building up our business partner programme.

Please contact us if you:

  • Have any questions about Paperclip
  • Are interested in investing
  • Are a business interesting in finding out about our partner programme and what it can offer you.



  • Investment
  • Visibility
  • Find partners

The Team

The Team

Paperclip Team

Core Team


Rich Woolley, CEO: Rich has a background in strategy consulting and venture capital, having worked for one of the world's largest management consultancies. As CEO and founder of Paperclip, Rich is responsible for the overall direction of the app.


Ziad Al-Ziadi, Business Development & Social Media: Ziad has previously run his own business, and is currently a student in London whilst responsible for business development at Paperclip. He heads up several initiatives, su­­ch as maintaining the various Paperclip social media accounts.


Alan Small, Product Manager, Sales & Partnerships: Alan has comprehensive experience of large scale account management, sales, and international marketing.. Alan's role at Paperclip is to drive sales, develop and maintain partnerships

Wider Team


Steve Roberts, Designer; Steve is responsible for UI and UX across both app development and website. His latest project was the UI/UX transformation of mobile app, Fling (2+ million downloads) and also has is own design firm (

PetrPetr Klima, Lead Developer; Petr has overseen the development of the minimum viable product across both Android and iOs platforms, leading a team of junior developers. Currently Petr works for, a Czech based web development and marketing firm.

BethBeth Gladstone, PR & Marketing; Beth has a experience launching several startups from her previous post as at Codegent, a London-based digital design studio. Beth is currently assisting with the strategic digital marketing strategy for launch

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