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GREEN'MOVE Electric Bikes ! Change your way of moving for a sustainable lifestyle ! Let the green'move leads you on top :)


The story so far

Sometimes you are just tired to use your bike, came to work sweaty, affront a climb everyday morning, or you just went to the mall and you are heavily charged?

Well, a green innovation can allows you to let your traditional bike at home, avoiding you to take your car or public transport, which is good for you and the entire community! --> Your electric bike is now your best friend! It can helps you when you need a support, or let you do some sport if you want to.

Did you know that:

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 30 minutes of bike per day can extend the lifetime of 8 years ! It is healthy because it permits to do sport without violent efforts: the electric assistance gives the opportunity to those that are not used to do sport, old people and convalescence person to do exercise without forcing.
  • An electric bike consumes 12 times less than a car ! Its daily use doesn't emit pollutants into the atmosphere and doesn't produce any greenhouse gases. It allows you to have a quiet fresh bath.
  • It consumes only 1 kWh per 100 km (a decilitre of gasoil) and has autonomy of 70km.
  • The electric bike has a cost but it is a green investment. It costs only few euros per year and low maintenance fees.
  • It is good for environment because it contributes to the congestion of cities as they reduce the need of cars or autobuses and thus help decrease the pollution.

In order to truly respect the entire process of production and the quality of the product, we would like to produce it locally, in our own factory, located near by Montpellier. Our plan is to become a European recognized brand embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Our business is profitable and has a good future thanks to the growing environmental awareness in our society. We need to change things at a local level, change our habits to a sustainable future. Change our way of moving is then essential.

We are looking for investors in order to increase our potential of growth. To do so, we estimate that with 1 million euros, we could reach this goal.

If you're an investor, a student, a parent, a mayor, or a company, let's be part of that movement "greening" your way of life! Support electrics bike, support our own environment and support a sustainable world for future generations !

Let's breath :)


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The Team

The Team

As a French girl that as grown up in Africa, I am finishing my master degree in Negotiation of International Project, I feel concerned about new technologies and their power to make the world a better place ! I truly believe that we have to change our personals habits, find a ecologic way of life promoting sustainability !

Hopefully, finding an ecologic way of life seems to be an actual preoccupation and I would love to be part of that movement which starts at local level to then conquer the world.

Support me to develop an alternative way of conveyance, and convert people onto electric bikes :)

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