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Real estate agency for Erasmus. Fun trust and honesty are the keywords.

Available opportunities


If you have done an Erasmus and you have study law, you can be my futur associate ! I'm looking for someone who are seduce by the idea. This person should be able to read a text of law ! It will be use for the education of Erasmus student about the real estate right.

Required skills: #real estate law #english


The story so far

When I did my Erasmus in Prague I was stole by a real estate agence. I realized that no Erasmus know the law. And I was not the only one, my flatmates was also stole. Some friends reserved a flat and when they came the flat wasn't renting ...

So I want to create a honest real estate agency which will be able to educate Erasmus to the law and rent a flat without deposit. The agency will be the buddy of Erasmus looking for a flat.

This startup will also help foreigners to find the best flatmates. During my experience I met (in a bar) the best ones and they changed my life. I will create some flatmate meeting event to match some people for sharing the best experience in their life !


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The Team

The Team

Currently I'm alone on this project. I've a technical profil. I'm apprentice engineer, I'm developing mobile application for professional use.

I'm passionate about create a company, I co-found Peufdaddy/Nivolog (I wined the startup weekend 2014 of Grenoble).

When I was young, I did 10 years of competition of bike and ski. Now I'm practicing basketball.

The best experience of my life was during my Erasmus in Prague. I met lot's of amazing people and shared awesome experience !

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