Zhejiayu MA

Data scientist looking for a contract CDI

26 years • Nantes


Motivated data scientist working independently and voluntarily, thirsty for new knowledge and challenges. Open-minded and have scientific state of mind, having 2 years of out-of-class experiences with data and development.


Python Hadoop Spark machine learning Git Java C Tensorflow Keras Sklearn Numpy javascript Node Html css


Intern Data scientist

03-2018 - 09-2018 Infra / Networks / Telecom Data science and machine learning on the data collected from 1250 cars in order to find interests in data for reducing the costs and enhancing the security. 1. March - April: Collecting and scraping structured and semistructured data from different resources. 2. April - June: Exploration, data processing and pipelining for data cleaning, data enhancement, features engineering, ETL, machine learning (regression, classification, association rules, and process mining). 3. June - End: Data analysis and visualizations and report to stockholders. Propose an architecture Big Data for future works on the project Keyword: python, spark, hadoop, machine learning, algorithm, research

R&D research fellow

10-2017 - 02-2018 Infra / Networks / Telecom 1. Developing components for data collection in the system. 2. Processing the different sources of data from the server, the front-end. 3. Proposing an algorithm for managing and optimizing peer selection in an P2P network. keyword: research, machine learning, data analysis, algorithm

Intern developer

06-2017 - 10-2017 Infra / Networks / Telecom I was a intern in easybroadcast within the core technical team of entreprise and worked directly on the entreprise product. Here is the result during the internship: 1. The product server has reduced its usage of bandwidth to 10% because of the implementation new infrastructure of the system. 2. Easybroadcast have acquired quite a number of new clients in September 2017's IBC show, which is a boost for the start-up entreprise. What I've done: 1. Studied the whole system 2. Learned a practised Web socket and WebRTC, ElasticSearch and Kibana. 3. Create the new product server and connector (to replace original third-party npm library 'rtc-quickconnect') from scratch using Python Tornado and plain javascript, which worked very well to reduce the server traffic to 10%. 4. Create the system's adaptor the Dashjs player to replace XHRModule in order to help easybroadcast broaden their scope of client. Tec: Python(framework tornado), javascript(jasmine), node, webRTC, web socket, ElasticSearch/Kibana.

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2016 - 2018 Nantes, Loire-Atlantique IT development , Studies / Statistics / Data , IT development , Project / Product management

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