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To get started, let's look at the criteria for this genre: Small volume and specific topic Personal approach to disclosure, subjectivity Free composition: impressions, memories, associations Free use of the lexical composition of the language Atmosphere of confidence, conversation “I am in the world” and “world in me” Essay volume and topic The volume of an essay for scientific materials is in the range of 2 to 3 thousand characters. As a rule, this is for students and specialists. More rare. In the genre of journalism, there can only be even less. The only exception is the literary genre. In it, the size of the essay can be any because it is a free genre. It can consist of either a single phrase or an entire book. The next sign is a specific topic. We do not write essays on the theme of "world peace." You do not need to get the village philosopher's diaries after a bottle of moonshine. It is necessary to limit yourself to a specific topic and problem. Approach and composition This is also a personal approach to the topic. What you personally think about this. What are your emotions and feelings. Subjectivity is a sign of an essay. Next up is a free composition. There are no rules where to start and how to end. You not only describe your impressions. But you can also describe memories and associations. For example, you write about how you went to the Moscow bakery. On the street they saw how a young man decided to help an elderly man cross the road. This prompted you to think about the morality of modern youth. To your memories of Moscow, not today, but 1943. Then you were a child and also observed a similar situation. That is, in the genre of essays you can leave in time and space. Something to remember and talk about some associations. It will be a free composition. Essay Phrases Another sign is the free use of the lexical composition of the language. These are all the essay phrases that Word emphasizes to us.

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