Montiana Reid

24 years • Bromley


I have over a years experience through graduating in Business Management and accounting. I currently work in the field of HR and Finance within a Sixth Form College; I have proved I am hard working, always very eager to learn and good at solving problems within this position, by exceeding my manager’s expectations to take on more duties. I am a good listener, sociable, approachable and very respectful; I feel I have gained this experience through previous employments. I then developed these skills whilst being the first call of contact for staff and their concerns in the HR department.


HR Administrator

08-2017 - NowHR / TrainingIn HR and Finance, I control recruitment adverts and interviews, agency negotiations, staff absences, budgets and payroll, DBS checks, preparing and updating employment records. I also prepare HR documents and spreadsheets for governors; I am one of the points of contact in addressing any employment relations issues, such as work complaints and harassment allegations, I am consistent and make sure the human resources policies, procedures, laws, and standards are carried out to new and existing employees.

Supervisor/ Customer Service Assistant

11-2014 - 01-2018 Chemistry / Biology / AgronomyStarting on check out, I communicated with customers on a daily basis. My progression and eagerness were seen early on, which moved me up to learning other roles in the business, like Kiosk and self scan, my ability to learn quickly showed my manager I was perfectly capable of taking on more. I then became a supervisor within the first 6 months were I was able to learn flight control, money and safe management, customer service desk complaints/ queries and support my colleagues at the checkout.

Shift Manager

04-2014 - 09-2014 Chemistry / Biology / AgronomyFull time through the summer holidays I covered a position as a shift manager. The role of a shift manager included monitoring staff, dealing with complaints and situations throughout my shift, waitressing duties, dealing with cashing up and making morning’s floats. I obtained perfect communication skills whether it be co-ordinating the kitchen and waitress’s or speaking directly to customers. I also under took new staff interviews and allocated shifts each week. Being in a multicultural restaurant, I was able to learn business control and position delegations but I was also able to adapt to different languages.

Crew Trainer

01-2012 - 11-2014 Chemistry / Biology / AgronomyBeing on front counter I had to communicate with customers whilst taking their order, receiving the correct payment and ensuring the customers get the correct change if any. With my experience and knowledge base at McDonalds I was also chosen to become a crew trainer and took an apprenticeship in training staff and hospitality. The crew trainer position consisted of welcoming the new employees and teaching them what they need through out there probation period to qualify for the job, this was assessed by my reports on the employee and visual and written reports by the manager.

Education & training

London Metropolitan University

2014 - 2017 Merton, LondonDesign / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering, Sales

My qualities

Team player