Lauren Thomson

Friendly, outgoing person who is up for new challenges

19 years • Irvine


I am currently in S6 at Greenwood Academy, Irvine. I am a very friendly, outgoing person who enjoys new challenges and also meeting new people. I am confident as I have showcased it in many ways through leading dance classes and speaking in front of large groups of people.


Team WorklisteningProblem Solving


Work Experience

09-2015 - 09-2015 LegalI completed this weeks work experience in a local Irvine law firm. Throughout the course of the week I attended court, watched trials and got an insight into, not only the courts but the world of work. This required me to be confident as I met with a wide range of people. It was a great experience as it made me determined to take on many new challenges.

Education & training

Greenwood Academy

2012 - 2018 Brummagem, West Midlands Combined AuthorityChemistry / Biology / Agronomy, Teaching, HR / Training, Studies / Statistics / Data, Sales

My soft skills

Team player

Languages spoken

  • English

    Native language

My dreams

After graduating

I would like to, next year, attend university. I would like to study law as I am interested in the legal profession.

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