Laura Payne

Student looking for a part time job

19 years • Burnley


I am a great team worker who is always looking on how to improve there personal experiences with in the working world. I am enthusiastic and put 100% into everything I do. I do have a small amount of experience working with animals, people and with in the arts and crafts sector due to helping small businesses with in the family. I am also hard working and dedicated towards anything I set my mind to.


I Have Basic Skill In All The Necessary Subjects Such As Computing "maths" English And Science . I'm Also Good With Animals And Children Due To Being Brought Up With Them Both All My Life

Education & training

Unity College

2011 - 2016 Burnley, Lancashire Hotels - Restaurants

My soft skills

Team player

Languages spoken

  • French


My dreams

Before I turn 30

My dream in life is to one day have my own hotel.