Jaswinder Singh Joura

34 years • Mumbai


Customer Service Associate

08-2014 - 09-2016 Salesa. Providing Customer Service to clients visiting the store. b. Providing Active feed-back to the customers issues by fixing it. c. Selling goods to the customers when required and helping them with the right products required. d. Scanning every product to check if the stock take figure are achieved and Managed. e. Maintaining the Quality of the store. f. Proper tagging and cubing the Products before being displayed. g. Arranging the products properly on the display . h. Following the KPIs and up selling the products for the store to make more money. i. Focused on growth of the store Amongst all other stores in the Area. j. Working with a team and independently to handle the customers. k. The complaints investigation to fix any issues within the team and for the customers.

Education & training

glyndwr university

2014 - 2016 Wrexham, United KingdomProject / Product management, Accounting / Management control, Sales, Procurement, Marketing, IT development, Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering, Teaching, Consulting