Eden Howe

Student in Uniformed Public sevirce

19 years • Newton Aycliffe


Personally I see myself as a confident, and innotive individual , either working in a team or alone. In the future I am looking to join the army once I have gained some experience in working life and also finaished my public service course I am studying at New College Durham. At the moment I am looking for a job to give me some life skills and to encourage me and to become the most confident and approachable person I can achieve.


I Have Worked Well In A Team In NcsGood Communication

My qualities

Team player

Non-Work Related Experience

Team member

National Citizen Service
08-2016 - 08-2016

Ncs is a charity service which works with young children to get them more involved with the community , the project ran over 4 weeks, three off the two was working towards a choose project which me and my team member had to come up with and follow through. We worked with community and youth centres to raise awareness as what goes on inside youth centres. We wanted to make a difference and get young people of the streets and into the young centres!

My dreams

After graduating

I want to become a combat medical technician!