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Demirel Bojaxhiu

Exploring challenging opportunities in a directorial role

36 ans • Tirana


A high caliber financial leadership and administration professional with more than 9 years of insightful experience in working with Albtelecom in distinctive senior managerial roles pertaining to financial planning, assessment of company finances, treasury operations management, and critical financial decision making. Exploring challenging opportunities to work in a directorial role with reputed organizations, in order to utilize a large set of competencies and deliver outstanding results.


Financial Planning, Cash Flow Forecasting, Corporate FinancesProject Financing, Fund Syndication, Investment DepositsBank Letter Of Credit (L/C), Bank Letter Of Guarantee (L/G)Treasury Operations Management, Cash Receivable, Debt CollectionBusiness Account Assessment, Outstanding /Over-due AmountBanking Relations, Bank Reconciliations, Vendor Payments ProcessingFinancial Modelling, Policies And Procedures, Financial Control SystemsSAP Implementation, FICO, TR And RMCA Modules, Financial Report GenerationStakeholder Relations, Customer Relations, Collaborative NetworkingDepartment Leadership, Cross-functional Coordination, Decision MakingPeople Management, Team Development, Critical Problem Solving


Real Estate and Investments Director

- MaintenantVentesThe scope of the Role: Reporting to the MCA Executive Board – and day-to-day to the MCA Chancellor and Chairman – the Real estate and Investment Director is responsible for the overall management of the MCA Real estate and Investment entity. This includes but is not limited to the business and funding/financing model of MCA Real estate, the investment of the Real estate fund, and management of all Real estate-related staff. The role has direct budget management for MCA Real estate, all related assets, and intellectual property. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide strategic leadership, management and institutional development of MCA Real estate: • Report to the MCA Executive Board; update them on relevant matters in line with strategic plans • Develop, implement and institutionalize new vision, mission, and long-term strategic plan • Develop shared strategies with MCA’s partners in relation to Real estate and Investments • Develop and coach high calibre leaders within MCA Real estate; manage its staff and ensure their development • Develop MCA Real estate functions (may include marketing, investment, donor care, field projects etc.) • Ensure robust legal, financial, HR, management and operational compliance systems • Develop Real estate-related policies and procedures, develop the relevant internal and external systems for the Real estate and Investment program and ensure adherence to the procedure • Develop Real estate databases and ICT development, including for Real estate that is in-kind • Design, prepare and manage the Real estate annual budget Lead and manage the investments and funds of MCA Real estate: • Ensure the Real estate has appropriate investment strategy, and propose investment options • Ensure the funds raised for Real estate are invested safely and to its maximum benefit • Ensure regular research on identification of Real estate products and markets • Ensuring the production of donors’ reports, deeds, and other marketing material • Ensure proper risk analysis and mitigation plans are in place and a proper fund allocation scheme is followed and updated regularly • In line with strategic plans, conduct annual project selection and ensure funds are effectively allocated from the return on investment • Oversee arrangement of funding agreements with the relevant Divisions/units, follow up the implementation of projects and report back to donors through the Partners • Liaise external consultant(s) on Real estate-related issues (Investment, Marketing, etc.) • Oversee financial management of MCA Real estate, including the preparation of the annual Real estate investments and other accounts Real-estate Management and Investment Operations: • Maximize total return for each assigned asset through the analysis of property efficiencies and identifying opportunities for improved performance • Work closely with third-party property managers and leasing agents to provide direction for and oversight of business plans, budgets, forecasts, leases, analysis and approvals • Negotiate third party contracts • Manage cash flow, distribution analysis, and investment projections • Develop and distribute periodic asset management reports to investors, consultants and other partners • Provide pre-acquisition input and assistance in due diligence process, including review of financial and operational assumptions, and supporting the effort of originating and negotiation of debt financing • Model full life cycle financial analysis for each asset from acquisition through disposition. • Manage coordination of post-acquisition activities and integration of asset into the firm’s ownership portfolio • Oversee asset disposition process

Head of Finance Operations Division

Infra / Réseaux / TélécomsKEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Financial Direction: • Strategize and lead end-to-end activities of the treasury operations department, and provide direction for the smooth functioning of credit control, bad debt collections, and dunning. • Formulate effective policies to monitor and control all processes related to financial administration, credit control, and bad debts collection. • Collaborate with senior leadership teams to evaluate existing operational frameworks, and initiate improvement measures to add more scope for higher productivity. • Conduct thorough evaluation of financial investment related operations, ensure implementation of appropriate financial reporting systems. Financial Control Operations: • Maintain end-to-end focus on loans, deposits, and exchange during the planning, sourcing, and execution of various project financial deals. • Generate periodic financial performance reports, submit them to the stakeholders, and discuss ongoing financial trends to implement critical decisions. • Drive process improvement exercises within the organization’s existing operational framework, with a view to ensure implementation of industry best credit control practices. • Create awareness about maintaining high accuracy levels during the reporting of sales ledger, within all employees of the department. Treasury Operations: • Handle Line of Credit for the business, strategize the availability of adequate resources for the resolution of related queries, follow-up of procedures etc. • Spearhead the process of reviewing critical cases and initiating necessary action to resolve them, in coordination with sales and customer service teams. • Assess sales ledger details regularly, ensure zero over-dues in 60+ days column, and initiate corrective measures to collect payments due since long. • Lead and manage settlement of accounts receivables / payables, handle account reconciliations, and ensure compliance with pre-defined procedures.

Director of Finance and Treasury Directorate

Infra / Réseaux / TélécomsKEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Treasury Department Leadership: • Spearheaded the process of planning, structuring, and rolling-out effective operational frameworks to conduct day-to-day activities of the treasury department. • Handled multiple roles as the director of treasury operations, and strategized day-to-day operations of the corporate finance and planning departments. • Handled accountability towards the administration of account receivable, account payable, and bank reconciliation functions in coordination with the accounting team. • Forged and cemented healthy relationships with banking authorities in order to streamline various financial transactions between the organization and other parties. Financial Consultancy / Advisory: • Provided guidance and consultancy to the senior leadership team for the evaluation of project potential, finalization of financial requirements, and approval of loans. • Identified lucrative investment opportunities in various regions, reported them to the stakeholders, and handled related ground work prior to the final go-ahead. • Collaborated with team members and senior managers to prepare and implement the financial policies of the organization. • Deployed highly advanced and scalable financial management systems through the implementation of ERP solutions, in order to improve operational performance. Financial Analysis / Reporting: • Formulated cash flow forecasts, reported cash flow concerns, and managed all issues related to Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, Loans and Lines of Credit etc. • Rendered effective support to auditors and consultants appointed by the organization, provided them with required financial information to understand the company’s financial position. • Conducted assessment of projects from the financial viewpoint, estimated costs involved, and accordingly provided recommendations to carry out investments. • Reviewed various aspects of the organization’s finances including final approval for vendors, taxation matters, custom clearances, etc.

Manager of Bad Debts Collection & Clearing Department at Finance and Treasury Directorate

Infra / Réseaux / TélécomsKEY RESPONSIBILITIES: • Tasked with the end-to-end management of the department’s operations pertaining to debt collection, financial clearing, and treasury. • Strategized daily working procedures of the department on the basis of existing policies and procedures in place within the organization. • Collaborated with the senior management team to identify scope for improvement in the systems and procedures of the unit, and initiative corrective measures. • Handled bad debt collection, payment clearances, bank reconciliation, and financial information processing, as part of the treasury directorate’s requirements. • Evaluated the situation of balance payments due from various accounts, conducted timely follow-ups and procured outstanding payments. • Analyzed the quality of accounts receivable, assigned risk factors by generating reports and conducted credit reviews in line with the company’s directives. • Collaborated with the senior management to understand, analyze, and initiate necessary actions to improvement the overall financial performance. • Handled thorough assessment of existing credit practices within the organization, identified scope for improvement, and suggested changes within the policies. • Trained, mentored, and guided teams for the implementation of effective procedures to drive collection functions and related activities. • Developed lasting professional relations with customers, resolved issues related account receivables, created credit / debit memos, and collated monthly reports.

Manager of Treasury Operations Department at Finance and Treasury Directorate

Infra / Réseaux / TélécomsKEY RESPONSIBILITIES: • Provided leadership to the entire department, with focus on cash payables / receivables management, project financing, deposit investment transactions etc. • Developed successful strategies to plan, schedule, and drive end-to-end activities of the treasury operations department. • Prepared and deployed highly effective financial policies, systems, and operational models in the treasury operations department to achieve optimum performance from all financial instruments. • Collaborated with the senior management of the organization to initiate financial planning function, and finalize annual financial strategies. • Provided necessary support and assistance for the collation, analysis, and evaluation of expenditure estimations, budgetary requirements, and investment calculations. • Assessed financial investments of the organization, developed reliable reporting systems, and administered complete control over all financial assets, as the head of treasury operations. • Developed and sustained lasting relations with banks, internal / external stakeholders, customers, auditors, consultants, suppliers / vendors etc, in order to ensure smooth operations. • Led and managed a team comprised of financial experts in order to plan and structure financial transactions with authorized vendors. • Monitored the cash receivable function at all Albtelecom branches, collated day-to-day reports, and submitted them for critical decision making. • Reported to the senior leadership team regarding the company’s cash position on a regular basis, and provided budget spending report on a monthly basis.

Executive Assistant to CEO

Infra / Réseaux / Télécoms

Executive Assistant to CFO

Infra / Réseaux / Télécoms


University Of New York In Tirana

2013 - 2017 Master of Business Administration AlbaniaGestion de projet / Produit, Comptabilité / Contrôle de gestion, Développement informatiqueAN ANALYSIS OF CORPORATE PERFORMANCE CHANGE AFTER MERGERS: The Case of Albtelecom and Eagle Mobile

university of bologna

2001 - 2006 Bachelor's Degree Bologna, ItaliaJournalisme / RPFebruary 2004 - December 2006: Vice-president and Coordinator of “F.A.R. – Focus on Albanian Reality”, a regional volunteering association, enrolled at the University of Bologna, Entering Register of Forlì – Cesena (FC) Province, Emilia – Romagna region (Italy); May 2004 - December 2006: Volunteer collaborator of A.V.A (Volunteers for Assistance to the Sick Persons) association, Forlì (Italy). Providing linguistic and social assistance to sick persons and to immigrants coming to Italy.

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