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Blessie Suresh

Researcher in Biotechnolgy looking for a job

32 ans • Grenoble


I am a highly motivated Biomedical researcher and clinician currently working on cellular therapy for haematological malignancy using Biotechnological molecular biology techniques. Im looking for a job in cellular, genetic or immunology research and development. I am responsible, hard working with good analytical thinking and communicative skills


RTqPCRWestern BlotPlasmid PurificationDNA Cloning And SequencingLentivirus Vector ProductionLentivirus Titration And TransductionCell CultureCellular AssaysCytometry Analysis


Master 2 Internship

- MaintenantChimie / Biologie / AgronomieI am a Biomedical researcher working on microRNA of Myelodysplastic syndrome using Molecular biology techniques like RTqPCR, Plasmid purification, DNA cloning, extracellular vesicles extraction and cellular techniques like cell culture, cellular assays like cell cycle, DNA damage, senescence, Immunophenotyping. I use fluorescence /confocal microscopy and Flow cytometry Analysis.


Université Paris Descartes (Paris 5)

2015 - 2017 Master's Degree Paris, FranceChimie / Biologie / Agronomie, Services à la personne, Conception / Génie civil / Génie industriel

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