Billy Miller

Apperentice plumber

20 years • London


I am a highly motivated, trustworthy, reliable and enthusiastic person; I posses a range of useful skills in providing excellent support in a busy environment, such as good communication skills. I have learned how to co-operate with others which has led to having more confidents in myself. I am able to work on my own or as part of a team. Currently I am a black belt in kung fu for almost 4years I assist in helping out in the class I now keep physically active through running and bike riding. I am hard working individual who likes a challenge


Head voulenteer

07-2015 - 09-2015 EventsI learnt to maintain a professional manner whilst working hard with my fellow volunteers to provide calm and carry atmosphere to the public, also to encourage the locals to come back and use are service more often. I also learnt how to work independently and as a team plus I learnt how to think my feet.

Education & training

Collage Of North West

2016 - 2018 London, Greater LondonWorks / Construction sites

My qualities

Team player

Languages spoken

  • English


My dreams

Before I turn 30

Travel the world own my own business he succeful and plumbing