Betüşko Şimşek

Project Director

23 ans • Ostrava


A fresh graduated Economics student from Istanbul who continues her master's degree in European Economy and Business Law in Rome. I have 1-2 years of working experience in different fields including; consultancy, project management, advertising, marketing, accounting and so on. My bachelor's degree thought me how to think analytically while observing verbal interactions. I can say that I'm good at multi-tasking, I have good communication ability as well as my analytical skills. My special interests are, History ( esp: WWI, WWII, Cold War), politics, watching opera&ballet performances.




Junior Consultant

Conception / Génie civil / Génie industriel▪ Assisting in industry, competitive and company analyses and market research for benchmarking ▪ Assisting in analysis and documentation of as-is capabilities about business processes, people, and technology in order to develop solutions for potential growth st

Accounting Intern

Comptabilité / Contrôle de gestionLearning basic principles of financial accounting ▪ Practicing the journal entries process on a web based programme. ▪ Practicing assist with month-end financial reports.

Marketing Team Member

MarketingVolunteer Experience ▪ Basically, being responsible for all the advertising, campaigns and introduction processes. ▪ Analyzing the things that affect market share and profit, considering the marketing strategies, determine new strategies and put into effect in the field.

Project Director

Journalisme / RP▪ Detailed project planning and control ▪ Resolving cross-functional issues at the project level. ▪ Managing project evaluation and dissemination activities. ▪ Managing consultancy input within the defined budget. ▪ Final approval of the design specification.


Community ManagementVolunteer Experience in Start-Up Project ▪ Creating new ideas about all kind of promotions to potential customers ▪ Publishing new features of application

Sales Representative

VentesObtaining orders, and establishing new accounts by planning ▪ Organizing daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets and trade factors.

Inventory Specialist

Ventesfocusing on all aspects of inventory movement, such as restocking and accounting for warehouse items.


Tor Vergata University Of Rome

2017 - 2019 Master's Degree Rome (Metropolitan City of Rome)Ventes, Gestion de projet / Produit, Direction d'entreprise, Community Management, Marketing, Comptabilité / Contrôle de gestion, Comptabilité / Contrôle de gestion, Juridique, Études / Statistiques / Data, Journalisme / RP, Conseil, RH / Formation, Enseignement

Economics- Všb - Technical University Of Ostrava

2015 - 2016 Bachelor's Degree Ostrava (Ostrava-City District)Ventes, Gestion de projet / Produit, Marketing, Community Management, Comptabilité / Contrôle de gestion, Comptabilité / Contrôle de gestion, Journalisme / RP, Conseil, RH / FormationI partipated in Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

Economics- Istanbul University

2013 - 2017 Bachelor's Degree Istanbul (Turkey)Conseil

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