Ahmed Taher Mahareeq

32 ans • Berlin


A highly objective engineering professional, with exceptional business acumen, and a proven talent in Project Management, a deep understanding of Quality Assurance & Quality Control practice. More than 7 years of experience in Multinational & Medium size organizations, provides high-end industrial services & tailored solutions to clients in the EMEA region. Strong functional knowledge of technology, familiarity with a decent range of management software’s, a developed understanding of their functionalities & abilities to formulate business strategies, support reporting and conduct operations.


Process Engineer

Sales Engineer

- Maintenant


Delta Language Schools

2018 - 2018

New Dls

2018 - 2018

Cairo University

2018 - 2018 Saint Pol de Léon (France)

Iubh School Of Business And Management

2016 - 2017 Master's Degree Marketing, Ventes, Gestion de projet / Produit, Direction d'entreprise, Conception / Génie civil / Génie industriel, Conseil