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Digital Design FE M/F

  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

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Job level

30 - Graduate Entry Level

Position description

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Digital Design FE M/F



Job description

Automotive Discrete groups (ADG) is developing innovative ADAS and Microcontroller products requiring state of the art architecture design

fulfilling constraints of functionality, testing, cost, power, and time to market.


The job perimeter includes:

- Device / Architecture specification contribution

- Design of IPs and System On Chip using Register Transfer Language

- Logic Synthesis

- DFT architecture specification and design Vs Analog & Digital circuits & Memories

- RTL& Gate level Verification with logic simulator


- Knowledge of Digital & Analog circuits

- Knowledge in RTL languages

- Knowledge in scripting language for automation (TCL, perl, ..) and UNIX

- Strong team work and communication skills are key aspects

- networking, customer-orientation 


Position location

Job location

Europe, Italy, Agrate

Candidate criteria

Education level required

5 - Master degree

Experience level required

2-5 years


Desired start date


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