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Automation / Equipment Engineering Assistant Engineer M/F

  • Singapore (Central)
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

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Job level

30 - Graduate Entry Level

Position description

Posting title

Automation / Equipment Engineering Assistant Engineer M/F



Job description

Equipment Reliability and Efficiency

1.Perform in-depth technical analysis of equipment failures and carry out the necessary corrective and preventive actions to avoid future breakdown.
2.Provide day to day maintenance support through real-time problem analysis on equipment capacity, throughput and planning
3. Perform major overhaul of entire equipment when necessary
4. To monitor the performance of the ASRS equipment through data collection and make necessary parameters adjustment.

Spare Parts Management

1. Perform in-depth troubleshooting of faulty spare parts and provide solutions
2. Perform spare parts repair.

Workforce Discipline

1. Enforce strict compliance to working procedures
2. Failure analysis using 8D methodology and suggest corrective actions to improve the failure rate
3. Cultivate good 5S among work-force, promote culture of good Housekeeping.

Continuous Improvements

1. Participate in various team projects which improve warehouse performance parameters such as cost, and cycle time.
2. Perform FMEA on critical equipment.

Environment, Health & Safety

1.Minimise potential negative impacts to environment during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of equipment and continuously improve work processes to reduce the release of toxic waste into the environment.
2..Maintain stringent safety standard, support CERT activities and carry out environmental and safety audit action plans. Participate in WSH meetings
3..Participate in external crushing witnessing activities.
4..Certified as internal auditor for ISO45K and ISO 18K

Preventative Maintenance
1.Provide technical skill training and certification for new techinicans/warehouse staff through preventative methodology.
2.Carry out regular PM activities to minimize equipment breakdown

1. Provide on-job-training to the operators

1. To participate in cost reduction activities through reduction of direct material usage to achieve warehouse cost.
2. Support the maintenance and engineering department in PR creation and CAR documentation

1. To perform FG QC inspection based from the target quantity
2. To carry out the Damage Report Quality Check from RDC


Problem Solving

Computer Efficient

Pressure Management



Structural Analysis


Attention to detail

Educational Commitment

Data Modeling

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System experience preferred


Position location

Job location

Asia-Pacific, Singapore, Loyang

Candidate criteria

Education level required

3 - Upper secondary education diploma

Experience level required

2-5 years


Desired start date


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