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Assistancy M/F

  • 深圳市 (Shenzhen)
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Job level

00 Manufct.Non-Exempt/Operator

Position description

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Assistancy M/F



Job description

1. Responsible for assigning and following up the work of dormitory administrators;2. Ensure dormitory safety and eliminate dormitory safety hazards;3. Responsible for the duty and coordination management of dormitory commuter buses;4. Staff occupancy plan and dormitory development plan;5. Regularly check the use of room equipment;6. Supervise the health and security work of the public areas within the dormitory area;7. Mediate all kinds of disputes about employees' accommodation and properly handle them so that employees can set their minds at work.8. Can design, plan and produce publicity materials for the company or dormitory.


1. COMPULSORY (COMPULSORY)1.1 Cheerful, active, diligent, responsible and obedient;1.2 Good coordination and communication skills, communicating with departments at all levels of the company and external companies and organizations;1.3 Strong anti-pressure ability, teamwork spirit, good problem analysis and solving ability, computer and common office software proficiency;1.4 Strong emergency handling ability and problem analysis ability;1.5 The position requires sufficient time and energy. It is not allowed to do any part-time jobs after work. I and my relatives are not allowed to do any profitable business in the dormitory area.

2. OPTIONAL (preferred)2.1 Statistical summary is preferred;2.2 English major is preferred;2.3 Having art foundation and graphic design skill is preferred;2.4 Confident, trustworthy, loyal, diligent, strong teamwork, management, communication skills and executive ability;2.5 Staff management experience and large-scale event organizing ability is preferred;2.6 People with rich life experience and the ability to respond to critical events are preferred;

Position localisation

Job location

Asia-Pacific, China, Shenzhen

Candidate criteria

Education level required

3 - Upper secondary education diploma

Experience level required

Less than 2 years


Desired start date


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