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Tech Team Leader

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  • Madrid (Área metropolitana de Madrid y Corredor del Henares)
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Job description


AB Tasty empowers teams to build optimization roadmaps that delight users and yield maximum results. By analyzing thousands of customer journeys, AB Tasty helps companies better understand user behavior, identify and correct points of friction on their websites, and create personalized web experiences—all in the service of increasing conversion rates.
AB Tasty isn’t about helping brands push a hard sell. Theyr’e about helping them sell better, by creating more positive consumer and user experiences across digital properties.
They must be on to something, since they are proud to say they have:

·  900+ customers, including Le Bon Coin, Cdiscount, Carrefour …
·  240+ employees in 6 countries on 3 continents (Americas, Europe, Asia)
·  Raised $24 million to grow globally
·  Bonus: they're nice, too.

2 prerequisites if you want to join the AB Tasty team:

·  Be a genuinely kind person! (they take this one seriously, it's half the battle in the recruitment process)
·  Have a passion, whatever it may be :).

Job Description

We are looking for our new team leader for our Technical Integrations squad. 

A squad is an agile and autonomous team, of about 6 people, with all the necessary skills for the development of new functionalities: front-end developers, back-developer, UX Designer, Product Manager, QA Engineer 

Scope of the Position

Customers who use AB Tasty often use other tools complementary to AB Tasty (analytics tools, CDP,  DMP, etc..)

To offer them the best experience, we want to integrate as many tools as possible to enrich the possibilities offered by AB Tasty.

We want to have a team dedicated to these partnership integrations and we would like to have a technical team leader to manage this team

What you will do

·  Lead and build a high-performing technology team
·  You’ll be the direct manager of a 4-developer team. 
·  Mainly frontend developers (pure javascript + React) but also a backend developer (Symfony)
·  You’ll be responsible for the project management of your team (scrum mastering, planification, follow up)
·  You’ll be the main contact for our partners  for technical implementation and roadmap discussions
·  You’ll be the tech representative of the team in front of the other teams and the VP Engineering
·  You’ll be the guarantor of the stability and quality of the projects for which the team is responsible
·  You’ll participate in development (feature and bugs).

What we are looking for

·  You have at least 3 years of experience as a javascript developer (native and / or React) or a PHP Symfony developer 
·  You have management experience even on a small scale in your previous experience(s)
·  You like to communicate with people especially on technical topics
·  You are sensitive to clients feedback, user experience, and you are aligned with one our main value “client satisfaction”
·  You are used to working with a methodical, meticulous and rigorously
·  You are able to "outside the box" while identifying problems and developing creative and innovative solutions
·  You have a good level of English (spoken and written)You are able to handle multiple tasks in an environment where activities are happening at a fast pace
·  You are passionate about what you do, this is why you perform a daily technological watchYou are curious and motivated to participate in the AB Tasty adventure

Additional Information

·  Contract Type: Full-Time
·  Location: Madrid, Spain (28046)
·  Experience: > 3 years

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