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Gestion projet de développement OAD - Agronome (Télédétection)

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  • Casablanca ⵜⴰⴷⴷⴰⵔⵜ ⵜⵓⵎⵍⵉⵍⵜ الدار البيضاء (préfecture d'arrondissements de Casablanca-Anfa عمالة مقاطعات الدار البيضاء أنفا)
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Job description


SOWIT leverages all the power of remote-sensing (drone & satellite), agronomy and AI to provide impact-driven decision support systems to African farmers.

We are filling the agronomic information gap in Africa and helping farmers to optimize most critical operations.

Our solutions allow farmers to acquire critical information such as water stress and nitrogen deficiency to sustainably improve their operations (sowing, fertilization, harvesting).

SOWIT is looking forward to recruting impact-driven talents that believe Africa is key to sustainably addressing the growing food & demographic challenges. Having a bias for action, thinking big and taking ownership are essential principles to SOWIT.

SOWIT is part of the FUTURE 40 aka the 40 most promising startups of Station F over 1000.

Job Description


Started in 2017, SOWIT is providing decision support tools for african farmers to help them optimize their most critical operations. Farmers wonder everyday if they really need to fertilize, irrigate or if it is the right time to harvest. Thanks to its remote-sensing, statistics and agronomic technologies, SOWIT provides them with the right information at the right time to decide and drive efficiently their operations.
Africa is the last growth frontier for the world food production as it holds almost 60% of arable available land while showing the lowest worldwide yields. To meet the world demand (and especially the african demand), african farmers would need to increase their production by 70% by 2050 in a complex context of global warming. At SOWIT, we believe data-driven decisions are crucial to drive the african green revolution in both sustainable and profitable way for African farmers and the World.

SOWIT works around 3 products lines:

·  SOWIT develops long range UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) to carry specific sensors
·  SOWIT provides SMS and vocal advisory to small scale farmers
·  SOWIT develops dedicated decision support tools to large industrial producers such as SOFERTI or SODRY.

**SOWIT is looking for an agronomist interested in developing drone-based advisory solutions for small-scale farmers in Africa.
The intern will directly report to SOWIT COO. He will mainly be responsible of:

·  Project management: coordinating the development of the drone-based decision support tools, particularly the field/experiment protocols ;
·  The intern will also be responsible of managing the local partners including public authorities, research institutes and industrial partners ;
·  The intern will draft a product launch roadmap after the completion of the project

The intern may also help for the development of dedicated support tools where he would assist the CTO or Head of Agronomy for conducting ground agronomic protocols necessary to build a remote-sensing based decision support tool.

Preferred Experience

·  Agronomist with a bias for action (good field experience, especially experiment platforms)
·  Willingness to work abroad in East or West Africa
·  Interested in remote sensing technologies (drones and satellite)
·  Comfortable with a fast-paced start-up ecosystem
·  High autonomy

Additional Information

·  Contract Type: Internship (6 month(s))
·  Location: Casablanca, Morocco ()

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