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Front-End Developper (Simulation Software and Dashboard)

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  • Paris 1er Arrondissement (Paris)
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Job description


Interstellar Lab develops closed-loop villages to live more sustanably on Earth, and support life on other planets.

Job Description

As a front-end developer, you will join our IT team to implement the web front of the software needed for the simulation, prediction and monitoring of the EBIOS stations.

You have a passion for code and programming, you generalize concepts quickly, understand how users will use/abuse your apps and doesn’t fear bad data or noisy signals. You are always eager to learn more and work in an innovative mindset.

You will be in charge of the front-end development of several applications, from scratch to production for the monitoring of the station and for the simulation and prediction tools required by the ECLSS (Environment Control Life Support System) team. You will also support the back-end team in their development if needed, so you must be polyvalent and willing to work on back-end from time to time.


·  Lead the development of the applications’ front-end
·  Create resilient applications for the ECLSS team and for the monitoring of the station
·  Participate in code review and architecture discussions
·  Work with our internal customer to define and validate the UI / UX design
·  Introduce bleeding edge technology to the team

Preferred Experience


·  Significant experiences in front-end development (2+ years of experience)
·  Experience with React, redux, typescript, sass
·  Knowledge of docker
·  Git workflow is your day to day life
·  Excellent communication skills, flexibility, and empathy


·  UI / UX design skills
·  Experience in data visualisation design (e.g.: dashboards, time series, etc.)
·  Knowledge of gRPC and GraphQL
·  Familiarity with web servers (e.g. Nginx, envoy)
·  Knowledge of backend languages and technology is a plus (e.g. Python, Go, API, etc.)
·  Familiarity with databases (e.g. SQL, noSQL, Elasticsearch)

Additional Information

·  Contract Type: Full-Time
·  Start Date: 01 April 2021
·  Location: Paris, France (75013)
·  Experience: > 2 years

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