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"Ariane 5 dominates the global commercial launch market for large satellites. More than half of the big platforms sent up to provide the world with TV, phone and internet services are lofted by the European vehicle."

·  British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), 2013

Europe has always been a leading space power. The first to land on another planet’s moon (Huygens Titan lander) and on a comet (Rosetta/Philae). The largest provider of Earth observation data (Copernicus). In the race of space transportation however, we are lagging behind. A new age is coming, with worldwide advancements in the human spaceflight, reusability or super-heavy launch vehicles.

Europe needs more than simply catching up. It needs a breakthrough.

The company

To propel the world unto the new space age, Alpha Impulsion is developing a rupture in propulsion architecture. Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective, most accessible and greenest way of accessing space. For this, our patented technology allows us to build a simplified, single-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle with the potential to divide costs by 10 and environmental footprint by 5 before the end of the decade.

Our technology

Sounds too good to be true ? “Autophage hybrid propulsion” is an overhaul of the classical launcher architecture, using fuel as structure. The rocket’s body burns progressively, like an upside down candle, getting shorter during the flight. The vehicle consumes itself, until only the engine and the payload remain. Conventional launch vehicles include multiple stages, with multiple engines, tanks, structure and separation systems, all to be manufactured, transported, integrated, launched and carried to orbit or dropped in the sea, at a great cost for the customer and the environment. Our zero-waste technology is an enabler for an inexpensive service with a much lower environmental impact, simplifying the rocket to only one engine and upper structure.

Our current activities

Our development has received strong support from CNES and interest from other European space agencies. Started in 2023, the AMBRE program aims to demonstrate the flight of an autophage rocket on a small-scale demonstrator (1kN of thrust). Design has been completed and engine testing is currently ongoing, leading to the flight of the first autophage rocket before the end of the year. The startup has raised close to 1M€ from public and private sources to date. Development has already started on our next demonstrator, LAPIS LAZULI (>75kN of thrust).

Working with us

Our team is dedicated to rapidly achieving their goals. The company emphasises speed of execution, strong work ethics and values feedback, having a focus on achieving excellence. You'll be part of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and international team where humility, respect, teamwork and autonomy prevail in our interactions. We welcome individuals who thrive on challenge, doers and thinkers with the will to try, at all levels of experience.

Mission and responsibilities

As the Alpha Impulsion team grows and the development progresses, we are looking for interns for Q4 2024 - Q1 2025. You will act as engineering support for the LAPIS LAZULI program, with the goal to test the first large-scale cryogenic autophage rocket engine. Your internship could take place in one of three fields :

·  mechanical design, where you will help design the combustible structure and engine test components,
·  fluidics design, focused on the cryogenic liquid oxygen supply equipment,
·  systems engineering, to assist the development of the components through requirement management and interface control.

You will join an agile team in a fast evolving project and you will participate in all development activities from preliminary design to testing your hardware.


·  Enrolled in the last year of master’s degree or engineering school, you have a passion for everything related to rocket propulsion.
·  You demonstrate a high academic level and you wish to apply your knowledge in hands-on real world problems.
·  You have worked on rocketry projects in the past, and you wish to design the next generation of engines.
·  Any previous experience in the related field will be positively regarded.
·  You possess a professional level of English. Knowledge of French or other languages will be recognised.

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