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西门子数字化工业 Sales100培训生_应用工程师方向 成都

  • 成都市 (青羊区 (Qingyang))
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Job description



您希望成为销售与技术服务领域的精英人才吗?我们邀你加入Sales 100西门子销售培训生项目。在各业务区域、运营公司、培训机构和西门子管理学院的协作之下,我们将为你提供为期18个月产品培训、工程实践及销售实践等培训内容,与众多年轻的小伙伴们一起,在充满活力与学习氛围的环境中共同成长,以此实现专业的职业发展。

从2005年起, 我们已成功举办了十几期Sales100西门子销售培训生项目,上百名培训生在毕业后加入了销售和技术支持前沿的工作,有一些已经走上管理岗位。Sales 100是打造专业人才的平台,你能够在这里获得知识、增长技能、积累人脉 ,更能与我们一同创造数字化工业时代。

Do you want to be elite in sales and application engineers? Then please do not hesitate to join in Siemens Sales 100 Trainee Program which will give you a wonderful platform with systematical 18 months training in industrial products , project execution, and sales practices supported by dedicated training organization ,operation companies, business regions and Siemens learning campus. Here, you will start a journey full of energy and learning culture with young peers to accomplish processional career development.

Over 200 graduates have completed the program since its launch in 2005 and many of them have become top sales or engineers, team leaders and managers. Through Sales 100, you will not only gain solid knowledge, improve your skills but also help to build up business network. And let’s embrace and build up the industry digital world together here at Siemens.


Via below link you could know the real life of Sales100 Trainee:



Your responsibilities include but not limited to:


After customized technical and skill training(Communication skill, working method, presentation skill, Negotiation skill and Commercial knowledge), the trainees should be developed as Application Engineer with high competence and knowledge in. automation, digitalization product and system.


Master all Automation and Drive product portfolio, product knowledge and application


Know engineering project execution both on technical aspect and project management. Meanwhile, through training in project, have deep understanding of product application and branch know-how.


Reaction to sales in the technical requirement


Support customers with technical consulting, engineering, implementation and commissioning


On-site trouble-shooting


Customized training (internal/external)



What do I need to qualify for this job?

本科或以上学历,电气工程, 自动控制,机电一体化,计算机,工业工程,系统工程等理工科专业的2021年应届毕业生        

Bachelor or above, graduates in majored in Electrical Engineering, Automation, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Industry Engineering, Systems Engineering and related majors in Science and Engineering are preferred.


Willingness to embrace the changes  


Good communication skills


Fast learning ability


Team player, excellent service attitude


Skilled in English listening, speaking, reading and writing


Customer focus, result and quality orientation


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What else do I need to know?

数字化工业集团提供端到端的数字化企业业务组 合,实现整个价值链的集成和数字化,并携手合作伙伴,推动过程与离散行业的数字化转型。集团持 续创新,将面向未来的前沿科技不断融入业务组 合。目前,集团在中国拥有8个研发中心,7家工厂 和6个培训中心。

Together with partners, Digital Industry drives digital transformation of process and discrete industries with its end-to-end Digital Enterprise portfolio to integrate and digitalize the entire value chain. DI is constantly adding innovations to its portfolio to integrate cutting-edge future technologies. Currently, DI has 8 R&D centers, 7 factories and 6 training centers in China.


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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