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电子行业业务拓展经理_ 深圳

  • Internship
  • Shenzhen, CHINA
  • Sales

Job description

For business development in Factory Automation business, we are looking for a BD manager with 
strong sales experience focused on Electronics branch. The main responsibilities are to understand the 
electronics market and customer demand, expand the outside customers actively, promote latest products and 
system solutions of Siemens Factory Automation, in-depth industry market research, prepare and execute 
technical seminars and other market activities 
What are my responsibilities? 
1. 了解电子(行业)市场及客户需求,了解行业发展趋势和动态,行业 OEM 及最终客户分布以及业务模式 
Understand the electronic (industry) market and customer needs, understand the industry trends, know OEM 
and end customer distribution and business model 
2. 熟悉行业内 OEM 客户使用的产品,能够针对客户需求完成产品配置;并了解电子行业的产品应用及市场应用
Familiar with the products used by customers in the industry, able to complete product configuration according 
to customer needs; Understand the electronics product application and market application demand. 
3.了解设备工艺,熟悉 FA 产品在不同工艺中的应用,能够根据设备的实际使用情况提供清晰的控制系统解决方
Understand the equipment process, be familiar with the application of FA products in different processes and 
be able to provide total system solutions according to the actual use of the equipment. 
4. 拜访客户,了解客户的业务构成,完成客户的业务透明度分析 
Visit customers, understand the business composition, complete the customer business transparency analysis 
Understand the new orientation of the industry development, develop new customers, support regional sales to 
win customer orders 
6. 深入行业市场调研,准备和执行技术研讨会及支持展会等市场活动 
In-depth industry market research, prepare and implement technical seminars and workshop, support 
marketing activities such as Fair, Conference, etc. 
What do I need to qualify for this job? 
• Deep know-how and sales experience of 3C Electronics and automotive Electronics branch 
• Have deep knowledge and experience of OEM machines automation systems, project development 
experience is preferred 
• Team spirit, need to work with local and international teams to learn from each other and share your own 
• Having working experiences in Electronics company or Electronics Machine builder are preferred 
• Bachelor or above 
• Good presentation skills and good English is preferred 
• Willingness to travel 

• 在 3C 电子及汽车电子有较深的 know-how 和销售经验 
• 了解电子行业 OEM 设备自动化系统,具有项目开发经验的优先。 
• 具备团队精神,需要与本地及国际团队合作,相互学习及分享信息与知识。 
• 电子公司或电子机械制造商工作经验者优先 
• 自动化、电气、机电一体化及相关专业,本科及以上学历。 
• 良好的表达能力,英语能力佳的优先 
• 能够适应频繁的国内出差。 
What else do I need to know (introduction about business) 

Factory Automation Business Unit is leading position automation products provider in various industry, 
main product is Smatic, include PLC, I/O, HMI, IPC and industry software. 
We are responsible for bringing the Electronics industry development strategy focused on new growth 
industry of Factory Automation to Siemens regional sales and customers. We make the business 
strategy and marketing developed activities and knowledge transfer measures to promote the business 
healthy development 

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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