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Senior Scientist - Chemistry

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Job description

·  Job facts

·  Possesses and maintains state-of-the-art technical skills and knowledge base in chemistry. Has strong problem solving ability in organic chemistry and is independently able to apply a high degree of chemical knowledge and experience in executing tasks. Designs target molecules and efficient synthetic routes. Conducts experiments in the laboratory. Plans, designs, conducts and may coordinate laboratory experiments.
·  Demonstrates the ability to make inventive contributions towards new chemical target structures or templates with impact for the project and employ sound judgment in the evaluation and strategic decision making around early screening or literature hits. Possesses and maintains state-of-the-art technical skills and knowledge base in allied disciplines or technology. Has increased disease biology understanding of pathways and translational aspects including animal models and biomarkers. Prepares manuscripts on scientific work for internal or external publication, including patent applications.
·  Strong lead chemist capabilities. Provides conceptual clarity on project objectives and how to reach them. Recognizes key questions/critical issues for optimization and effectively implements strategies to address them and to arrive at go/no go decisions. Utilizes technical knowledge, scientific principles, and experience to generate creative approaches to specific complex problems.
·  Communicates effectively orally and in written form at internal and global events. Presents and interprets complex information and views clearly and concisely in meetings and discussions. Effectively coordinates and integrate project or unit activities across functional discipline boundaries where appropriate.
·  May be a project leader. Demonstrates team leadership by helping to align goals and activities of work group or project. Takes up additional departmental roles/work streams. Takes accountability for the results of the lab, project or unit. Maintains a safe and organized work environment.
·  Complies with relevant SOP's. Is responsible for managing one or more associates. Isresponsible to establish and maintain performance plans for direct reports. Is able to manage performance effectively and to overcome performance-related obstacles. Accountable to ensure that all reports are current on safety training and follow Roche laboratory safety practices.

Qualification and Experience


·  A Ph. D degree in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry with at least two years of drug discovery experience

Leadership Competencies

·  Ability to lead 2-8 scientists to design and synthesize drug leads and candidates
·  Good communication skills as well as an ability to work in a multi-functional team
·  Motivation to embrace new technology and computation tools in drug discovery

Job Required Competencies

·  Strong record in development of synthetic methodologies and /or total synthesis of natural products
·  Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English
·  The following are highly preferred:
·  Experience in lead generation and optimization
·  Understanding of molecular modeling and drug design
·  Be able to use the common technology and computation tools in drug discovery

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