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Front & Back Office Officer

  • Buizingen (Halle-Vilvoorde)
  • Marketing

Job description

Position : Sales Front & Back Office Officer


§ Country / BG / ML :Belgium D&I

§ Location : Buizingen

§ Supervisor : Sales Front & Back Office Manager

Context (Examples: creation or restructuration of a department, process maturity, new position, current specific department stakes, key interfaces,...)

§ Member of the Sales Front & Back Office team D&I

§ Working closely together with the sales & account manager

§ Internal contact with other team members, sales teams, finance, supply and logistics

§ External contact with customers

The Front &Back Office is an inside support for the sales activity. The Front & Back Office is in close contact with the customers.

Areas of responsibility (Use active verbs to define areas of responsibility and especially the weight of each responsibility : “Manage”, “Support”, “Participate”; “Is responsible for”, “Is in charge of”, “Promote”, “Contribute” etc.)

Sales function

§ Work with the local sales force to understand and capture customer context and needs (environment, competition, decision making process, key decision makers...)

§ Identify specifications and product solutions (technical & commercial; including delivery conditions)

§ Support partners with product technical information

§ Work with the local sales team to set prices and margins according to sales guidelines

§ Prepare and issue quotations in respect of bid processes and approval rules

§ Follow customer decision making process with the local sales team

§ Help negotiate terms in accordance with the RFQ rules

§ Chase customers

§ Manage the interface with Account Managers to maximise opportunities

§ Exchange customer and market data

§ Get the order

Check the order:

§ Validates and processes the order, ensuring contract obligations are met (check price, delivery, specifications, terms of condition …)

Communicate internally customer requirements:

§ Execute an internal review to make sure all information to meet customer requirements is communicated (product specifications, lead time, terms and conditions)

Check that contract obligations are met:

§ Manage and control the delivery to ensure OTIF

§ Verify and follow payment and collection

Check customer satisfaction

§ Communicate effectively with customers, ensure customer satisfaction

§ Troubleshoot effectively if a breakdown in the process occurs to ensure Nexans reputation with Customer is maintained

§ Assist in the ongoing continuous improvement of customer services generally

§ After sales problems or claims that require actions

Expected results (What is the expected contribution of the position ? What are the main objectives and expected results linked to objectives?)

§ Improvement of revenues and margins

§ Delivery of correct offers

§ Respecting deadlines for tenders

§ Manage accuracy of sales forecast

§ Improvement of OTIF

§ Improvement of overdues

§ Improvement of customer satisfaction

§ Solving customer complaints

Position sizing (A few key indicators of the position such as: Turnover, Budget, Sales volume, number of N-1 etc.)

§ Number of clients : approximately 80

Required skills and qualifications (Management and function competencies regarding available Nexans models, personal attributes, education, experience)

§ Pricing skills

§ Analytical skills

§ Sales technical skills

§ Sales behaviour skills

§ Communication

§ Implementation of satisfaction measurement

§ Reporting and alert skills

§ Global team player

§ Sales strategy

§ Customer and market focus

§ Language skills: NL, FR, EN

§ SAP, Excel, Word

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