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6-month Internship - Packaging - July / September 2021

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Job description

Join ourPackaging teams!


6-month internship starting between July and September 2021


Joining L'Oréal means above all discovering a true industrial company delivering more than 7 billion products worldwide every year.

By joining the Packaging teams, you will deep dive in Operations, whose metiers contribute to the growth of L'Oréal, from product development, sourcing, production to the distribution of all the Group's products. As an ally of the brands, Operations always develops and seeks the most agile, innovative, efficient and responsible solutions to meet the specific requirements and diversity of consumers.

A taste of your daily life in Packaging?

It is 10:30 AM, Thomas ends a meeting with the Development engineer about a new launch of a sustainable shampoo with a refillable packaging. His manager asks him to think about the required specifications by exploring the possible materials and suppliers that could answer the Marketing Brief. Challenge accepted! Thomas takes his phone and the project goes on.

Like Thomas, you are passionate about technique and conception issues. You want to be at the heart of product launches and see your results quickly on the market. Our packaging internship positions are for you!

Packaging teams are constantly innovating to revolutionize the Beauty market. Their role is to participate in designing new products to meet the daily needs of our consumers. Collaborating with the Industrial Development teams, Purchasing teams, suppliers and factories, Packaging teams have to master the creation of innovative, functional, attractive and sustainable packaging while meeting our consumers’ expectations.

In increasingly shorter deadlines, rigor and pragmatism are necessary to face design challenges by relying on all available digital technologies such as CAD, 3D printing or digital simulation.

Several internship offers are available in Packaging.

Some examples of missions you might have:

·  Contribute to the technical development of packaging
·  Collect and integrate all the technical, production, economic and standardization constraints needed for the design
·  Be a creative force at Definition step and ensure every step are in accordance with timings, costs, and our sustainability objectives
·  Ensure risk analysis during design
·  Provide technical support to operational teams and carry out appraisals to respond to customer expectations
·  Advise and offer expertise during the design phase
·  Implement required tests to identify and provide optimum solutions in terms of quality, sustainability and cost
·  Investigate technologies to develop new opportunities for innovative packaging
·  Ensure the compatibility of formula/packaging combinations
·  And innovate, go further: bring your own ideas and impact!

What is in for you?

·      6 months surrounded by passionate teams

·      A learning experience where you can stretch yourself personally and professionally

·      A lot of challenges and opportunities to be seized and as many responsibilities to take

·      The opportunity to innovate and create the products of tomorrow

·      HR follow-up to accompany you throughout your journey

·      A compensation between 1250€ and 1400 € gross per month

·      Unlimited access to the L’Oréal online learning platform to further support your development

·      And of course, access to discounted products from L'Oréal brands

What do you need to apply?

·      You are a Master’s student inBusiness School / Engineering School / University

·      You are looking for a gap-year or end-of-studies internship

·      You are able to provide an internship agreement of 6 months issued by your school

What qualities will help you land the internship?

·      Convincing. You explain your ideas clearly, based on sound reasoning.

·      Entrepreneurial. You like to try new things and discover new ways of doing things!

·      Team player. You have excellent interpersonal skills and easily find your place in a team.

·      Open-minded. You exchange on your ideas and integrate the opinions of others in order to find the optimal solution.

·      Creative. You like to think outside the box and propose innovative solutions.

·      Data champion. Working with data holds no more secrets for you!

Want to apply?  Here are the next steps!

1.      Click on "Apply now", fill in your details and upload your CV (a cover letter is not necessary!):

2.      You will then talk to MYA, our chatbot, to make sure you meet all the necessary administrative requirements (don't worry, this is not an interview),

3.      You will receive a link by e-mail in order to answer 3 questions via our artificial intelligence tool Seedlink, whose answers allow us to evaluate your cultural "fit" withL'Oréal (after a week without a response to Seedlink, your application may not be processed by our teams!).

If your CV is selected, you will be invited to a telephone interview with a recruiter. This is an exploratory discussion to get to know you better and identify the job, the field, the division relevant for you.

Last step if the exploratory interview is positive: you will have the opportunity to meet your potential future manager for a second and final interview to discuss the missions entrusted to you. This interview can take place during a collective recruitment event if you are available, or during a more traditional individual interview.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much responsibility will I have as an intern?

As an intern at L’Oréal, you will be welcomed as a full member of a team, with your scope and responsibilities. Of course, you will not be alone: your manager will provide you with objectives and a vision. However, to succeed you will need to keep in mind that you play the main part in your journey and future projection in the Group. Entrepreneurship spirit is keyJ

What about the integration process?

During the first days of your internship, you will meet many people from your team, and other functions in order to broaden your vision of the Group’s challenges and help you to success in your job. All interns and apprentices will have access to inspiring speakers, learning opportunities and possibilities to connect!

Will I have a chance to land a job after my internship?

We take our interns and apprentices very seriously. So yes, it is our ultimate goal! In average, each year, former interns and apprentices fulfill 70% of our junior job needs. A very large number of our current employees at all levels have come through this type of experience. Near the end of your internship/apprenticeship, you will undergo a collective assessment to be considered for our open positions as well as our selective Operations Graduate Program (our 1-year rotational program 100% dedicated to Operations functions!).

I do not know anything about cosmetics: do I stand a chance?

Less than one-third of our interns have had previous experiences in the beauty industry. We give more credit to other essential qualities such as entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and the ability to question and dare.

Can you tell me a bit more about L’Oréal?

You can start by discovering the Group on ourWebsite andAnnual report .

Zoom in on theOperations business lines and watch our testimonials on YouTube.

Discover our social and environmental commitment, and how we aim to be a catalyst for change in the beauty industry and beyond withL’Oréal for the Future .

Meet Georges, packagingengineer at L’Oréal:BY THE WAY

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