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Sea Logistics Sales Executive Title

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Job description

Our Sea Logistics Sales Executives are the conduit for developing new customer relationships for our Sea Logistics organization.

Your Role

The sales executive position will be part of seafreight’s commercial activities in the export and import Trade specifically in the commodities sector. The position responsibilities of hunting for new customers to increase the overall pipe-line and development. This position will use available internal and external sources of market and customer information to identify potential new customers and business in the market. This position will also tailor KN's product offering to individual customer’s needs and present KN's offering to the client and work to close new business. Predominantly the position will work independently of the KN sales force and drive higher KN seafreight volume, growth rates, GP and NP2.

Your Responsibilities

Specific Duties:
•    Search all available data sources
    - Utilize KN’s Missing Shippers report to track down shippers who no longer ship with KN.
    - Utilize KN’s Piers/DataMyne subscriptions to find customer leads
    - Utilize any/all sources of information on industries and companies that use seafreight in the export trades including internal sources. Sources include industry journals, websites, general press publications, etc.
    - Use Corelog and pipelines to drive the number of KN pitches to prospective clients
    - Develop and maintain a list of target accounts
    - The target list of accounts will be vetted and screened by the Trade Managers and the commodities team.
    - Once all parties are in alignment and agreement, the sales executive will enter into a deeper analysis of the account.
•    Assess client’s needs
    - Prior to meeting with the client judge what is of interest to the client primarily looking for the clients problems and opportunities
    - Poll internal KN and external sources for information on the target customer.  
    - During and after meetings with the potential customer gather information on the customer’s issues and opportunities
•    Prepare client approach plans presentation materials
    - Prior to meeting with the potential customer craft customer information and KN capabilities into a compelling presentation of KN’s value to the customer
    - After initial customer meeting modify the ‘KN offering’ to better match customer’s feedback
    - Utilize all available communications tools to present the most effective image of KN Value-Add services (verbal, PowerPoint, internet, video, etc.)
•    Attain appointments
    - Use any available ethical means to get in front of the customer’s decision makers
    - Draw upon trade, operations and other departments within KN to assemble the most effective KN team to participate in customer meetings
    - Schedule and hold meetings, follow up internally and with the potential customer to maximize the impact of every meeting
•    Close accounts
    - Reach the decision makers in the target customer
    - Focus on the customer’s issues and opportunities and how KN can solve issues and realize opportunities.
    - Present a winning rate and service package to the customer. Pricing will be provided direct from the Trade Manager and pricing team.
    - Obtain the customer’s commitment
•    Closed Accounts and Managing customer interactions
    - This is a Hunter role and not a farming role.
    - Once an account has been closed the account is to be handed over to operations.
    - This account will then become a ‘House’ account.
    - The VS will remain in contact with the client as the original owner of the relationship.
    - In conjunction with the commodities group ensure that the customer’s needs are being met and that the account moves committed freight with KN    
•    Targets & KPI’s
    - Specific TEU target per trade.
    - GP/teu
    - Specific Sales Calls per week
    - KPI’s will be laid out in HCMS

Your Skills and Experiences

•    Bachelor degree
•    Minimum 2 years relevant experience in transportation (seafreight experience a plus)
•    Strong verbal and written communication and presentation skills
•    Self-disciplined and self-motivated to produce aggressive results
•    Available for continuous national travel
•    “Hunter” characteristics rather than “farmer”","industry":"Logistics

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