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  • Tokyo, JAPAN
  • Sales

Job description

Job Family Group Description - Communication & Marketing: Gathers jobs relating to all areas of communication for every audience and channel. Conveys the image and identity of the brand. Job Family Description -Marketing: Proposes and presents our brand products in a creative and innovative way. Reinforces bonds with regular clients, engages new clients and demonstrates internationally how we set fashion trends. Sub-Job Family Description - CRM: Understands the tastes and preferences of our clients in order to provide a stellar customer experience. Creates a bond to maintain customer loyalty and brand addiction.

Job Description

·  Develop and lead CRM omnichannel strategy to generate new business opportunities and grow client database
·  Implement seamless client journeys from client acquisition to portfolio management and retention, supported by data driven insights and effective segmentation
·  Plan, develop and execute direct-to-client communications, gifting programs and retail marketing activations to optimise client engagement, recruitment and upgrades
·  Manage internal clientelling tools to effectively improve client outreach efficiency
·  Enhance data management processes and accuracy to maintain high quality CRM data
·  Monitor client KPIs, event and campaign results tracking and conduct in-depth data analysis to generate intelligence and recommendations for improving business performance across all channels
·  Lead CRM initiatives and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to ensure successful execution of CRM plans

·  Full time
·  Asie
·  Japan

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