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MarCom.Executive 市场传讯主任

  • Chengdu, CHINA
  • Design/UX/UI

Job description

• Create eye-catching image for the hotel为酒店创造吸引人注目的平面形象。• Update all internal and external signage regularly 定期更换酒店内和户外表示。 • Design all F/B related promotional flyers and collaterals设计所有餐饮促销宣传单和平面宣传品。• Work out all Rooms and Sales related collaterals design负责所有与房间和销售有关的平面宣传品。• Photo shooting for VIPs’ arrival and important function when required负责贵宾到达和重要酒店活动的照片拍摄。• Under the general guidance of the MCM, assists in executing and arranging all public activities/communication events to enhance hotel’s good public image.在市场传媒经理的总体指导下,协助安排和执行酒店所有公关活动,加强酒店正面的公共形象。• Assist in all major festivals’ decorations for the hotel public areas and outlets协助主要节日期间酒店公共区域和各餐厅的装饰安排。• Be good attitude with all colleagues who asked for assistance, be helpful保持友好和协助的态度面对所有其他部门同事的在美工方面的求助。• Work out all hotel advertisement layouts within the timeline在要求的时间范围内完成酒店平面广告设计。• Assists in producing hotel e-news for direct marketing协助酒店网络信息的发布。• Simple secretarial duties简单的秘书工作。

Required Skills –技能要求 • Proficient in application of CorelDraw, Photoshop’s software, familiar with related software熟练使用CorelDraw, Photoshop 设计软件,以及其他相关软件。• Appropriate graphic design skills较强的平面设计功底• Time management and implementation skills时间安排和执行能力Qualifications –学历• Diploma degree in “graphic design”, or an equivalent combination of education and relate work experience.平面设计学士学位或相关学位,或者等同的教育和相关工作经验。Experience –经验• Minimum 1 year experience in graphic design area.至少一年的平面设计领域工作经验。

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