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Administrative Assistant / Paymaster 行政助理/薪资出纳

  • 苏州市 (姑苏区)
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• Responsible for maintaining records and documents related to any payroll activities and provides prompt and accurate payment of staff and • 负责维护与员工工资单相关的工作记录和文件,及时准确的为员工发放工资。 • Directs all aspects of secretarial work in the hotel, maintains the executive office and all matters relating to executive administration in a confidential, professional manner • 管理和指导酒店文秘工作的方方面面,使行政班公室保持洲际酒店集团的形象标准,并保证用保密和专业的态度处理所有与行政管理相关的工作。 • Provides efficient and comprehensive secretarial services to Executive staff to meet the needs of customers • 为行政员工提供高效和全面的秘书服务,从而满足宾客的需求。 • Maintains the utmost confidentiality and discretion when handling business affairs • 在处理业务时最大限度的保守机密并小心谨慎。 • Cooperates, coordinates and communicates with Department Heads and other inter-departmental secretaries as appropriate • 必要时配合,协调各部门领导和其它部门的秘书的工作并与他们进行沟通。 • Supervises the work of the Finance Office staff • 监督办公室员工的工作 • Day-to-day secretarial work to include typing, filing, faxes and telephone etc. • 日常文秘工作包括打字,整理文件,传真和接听电话等。 • Distribution of memos, letters and other information etc. • 分发备忘录,信件和其它信息等。 • Arranging internal / external appointments • 安排内外会见。 • Handling reservation as requested • 必要时预订客房。 • Translating incoming letters, documents, articles by request • 必要时翻译来信,文件和文章。 • Storing and keeping all confidential information • 保存和保守所有保密信息。 • Preparing monthly operational results for meetings with other hotels • 为与其它酒店的会议准备月度运营结果报告。 • Taking minutes of Department meeting as requested • 需要时为部门会议作会议记录。 • Develops and maintains current payroll processing procedures • 制定并执行最新的工资发放程序。 • Maintains confidentiality at all times and maintains strict practice of office lock up and security of information • 随时遵守保密条款,并严格执行办公室上锁和信息安全制度。 Performs payroll processing and month end closing of payroll • 负责发薪和月终工资封账。 • Maintains control over actual payroll performance • 对实际的工资支付进行控制。 • Compares actual payroll with forecasts/budgets and reports findings to Department Heads • 用实际工资额与预测或预算进行比较,然后向各部门领导汇报比较结果。 Ensure overtime claims are supported by proper approval and authorization • 确保申报的加班附有完整的签字审批手续。 • Co-ordinates with outside data processing company as requested • 按要求配合公司以外的数据处理公司的工作。 • Prepares income tax payment to Tax office • 为税务局准备所得税款。 • Maintains relationships with labor offices to ensure rates of pay are correct and current and maintains current copies of labor agreements (Awards) for all positions • 与劳动局保持良好的关系,确保准确的支付工资,保存所有职位的最新的劳动协议(奖励协议)。 • Coordinates with other departments as necessary • 需要时配合其它部门的工作。 • Conducts training to staff on time sheet completion and other payroll related information • 为员工提供如何填写工时单和其它与工资相关信息的培训。

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Required Skills – 技能要求 • Communication skills are utilized a significant amount of time when interacting with others; demonstrated ability to interact with customers, employees and third parties that reflects highly on the hotel, the brand and the Company. • 拥有在与他人交往时大多数时间所使用的沟通技能;完全代表酒店,品牌和公司与顾客,员工和第三方交往的能力。 • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office • 精通微软办公软件 • Good writing skills • 良好的写作技能 Qualifications – 学历 • Diploma or Vocational Certificate in Accounting or related field. • 具有会计或相关的毕业证书或职业证书 Experience – 经验 • 2 years of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience. • 2年相关工作经验或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景

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