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Administrative Assistant ic Hygiene 行政助理兼卫生检疫协调员

  • 广洞 (临桂区)
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Job description

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• Maintenance daily document • 日常文件的管理 • Maintain and update employee filling • 管理及更新员工的档案 • Ensure Staff and Manager awareness of HR Policies and procedures • 确保经理及员工了解酒店的规章制度 • Maintenance of employee Annual leave/sick leave etc. • 员工年假、病假的管理 • Prepare reimbursement request • 准备每月报销的单据 • Check and input monthly Attendance Record of all of the employee •  每月检查及录入饭店所有员工的考勤情况 • Make name tag, time card for employee • 为员工制作名牌、工作证 • Employee Check Out • 办理员工离店手续 • Organize ESPS survey by each quarter • 组织每季度的员工满意度调查 • Ensure stationery supplies are maintained to standard, ordering in advance when required •  确保各种文具备份充足,有需要的时候要立刻申领 • Directing and supervising repairs of any disorders or breakdown in HR Office • 监督、管理人力资源部办公日常物品的维护工作 • Regularly communicates with staff and maintains good relations • 经常地与员工沟通并保持良好的关系 • Assist with the attendance and Hotel regulation inspection, etc. • 协助做好出勤及酒店规章制度的检查 • According to the green hotel requirements to work to save energy and reduce wasting • 严格按照绿色酒店标准完成工作,节约能源,减少能耗 • Manage standardized responses to correspondence • 管理标准化的书信回复。 • Regularly communicates with staff and maintains good relations • 定期与员工交流思想,保持良好的员工关系。

Your day to day

• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office • 精通微软办公软件 • Good writing skills • 良好的写作技能 • Good English Capability • 良好的英文 Qualifications –学历 • Diploma in Sales and Marketing or Business Administration. Or combination of required working experience to wave education requirement. • 具有市场销售或商业管理的毕业证书,或结合所要求的工作经验适当降低学历要求。 Experience –经验 • 1 year (base on the JD) of relevant experience or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience. • 1年(按职责描述要求)相关工作经验或与此相当的教育与工作经验结合的背景

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