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Senior Sales Manager高级销售经理 - Grand Hyatt Sanya Haitang Bay ( Local Only )

  • Sanya, CHINA
  • Sales

Job description


1. 在适当时接待和款待客人来店实地考察。

Entertains and conducts hotel inspections to clients whenever required.

2. 建立和保持与固定客人的良好关系。

Establishes and maintains strong relationship with the established clientele and constantly explores into new business opportunities.

3. 与相关运营部门联系并紧密合作,确保达到和满足客人的要求和期望。

Liaises and works closely with the related operation departments ensuring guest's requests and expectations are being met.

4. 礼貌并有效地处理客人和员工的询问,并向上汇报投诉或问题。如果无法立即处理问题,要保证及时跟进处理。

5. 开展广泛的竞争者调查,保持对酒店产品的良好认知。

Conducts extensive competitor research and maintains excellent Product Knowledge of the Hotel.

6. 持续监查和评估本地、国内和国际市场趋势以及竞争酒店的销售活动,以确保酒店的销售保持竞争力和领先地位。

Constantly monitors and evaluates local, national and international market trends, and the competitor hotels’ sales initiatives, in order to make sure the hotel’s sales remain competitive and cutting edge.

Desired profile

Qualifications :

Experience in digital marketing, focusing on Feizhu, Douyin, official micro, etc
At least one year EXPERIENCE in equivalent position, INTERNATIONAL experience is preferred
Strong ability to work under pressure, positive and practical, with basic English written and spoken skills

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